TCG World Nets $5,000,000 In Largest Commercial Real Estate Sale In The Metaverse

TCG World Nets $5,000,000 In Largest Commercial Real Estate Sale In The Metaverse

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TCG World just announced an exciting new strategic relationship with Curzio Research Inc, which has paid $5,000,000.00 for 19 commercial real estate properties within the TCG World Metaverse. The purchase will be one of the most significant virtual property transactions in the metaverse to date.

Curzio Research intends to establish its headquarters in TCG World’s Asia area, near WallStreetBets. Curzio VIP members can meet other investors, attend live events, educational seminars, and conferences, listen to exclusive Wall Street Unplugged podcasts and develop an investment community on this platform.

Curzio Research, Inc. is a financial publishing company that specializes in independent investment analysis and research. Curzio Research will launch a $4 million capital raise, which will be utilized to support a portion of the TCG real estate transaction as well as general business objectives. Capital expenditures, acquisitions, infrastructure and staff, product and service development, and legal and accounting expenses are just a few examples.

Curzio Research founder, Frank Curzio says “The metaverse is what the internet was supposed to be. A decentralized, permissionless place where individuals have the freedom to create and own their digital content. When researching the options, TCG World had all the elements — gamification, entertainment, social, and commerce — to create a true open metaverse. And its low fee structure incentivizes innovation for users and developers. We’re happy to be part of this pro-growth model in an industry that has incredible upside potential.”

The Curzio Research headquarters should be completed before the official debut of TCG World, which is scheduled for September 2022. Visit for more information on this bargain.

TCG World, one of the largest open-world metaverse projects currently in construction on the blockchain, has recently begun to roll out Alpha access to a select group of users and investors. TCG World’s virtual land, automobiles, pets, and even player avatars are all owned as NFTs.

The Metaverse Expo 2022, a three-day event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on July 8th and 10th, 2022, will be co-hosted by TCG World. Over 6000 people from all over the world are expected to attend the event, which will focus on Metaverse, NFT, Gaming, and Blockchain.

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The Metaverse Expo 22 tickets are now available for purchase on their official website.

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