The Assembly Beckons – Will Gamers Heed the Call?

The Assembly Studios today announced its entry into the groundbreaking field of GameFi – merging AAA quality gaming with crypto, NFTs, Defi, and the metaverse. 

The Assembly is a MOBA-style game, offering teams of gamers the opportunity to assemble an army of legendary characters, apply their skills and mastery to vanquish their enemies, climb the worldwide leader board – and earn $WEALTH token rewards that can be converted into real-world assets. 

“Our goal is to provide an AAA gaming experience, powered by art, history, NFTs, and the crypto economy,” says Co-Founder and CEO Abdul Khalid. 

The Assembly is a game like no other. It is set in a universe that passes through time and space to gather the essences of noble Roman, Viking, and Mayan warriors and pits them against each other in an alien world of vast wealth and untold opportunity, all the while observed by the powerful and secretive Assembly. 

It is a premium NFT project created by gaming experts. The artwork has been designed by experienced gaming artists Michael Oviedo and Isai Oviedo, who have collectively worked with Cartoon Network, Nick Jr, Puma, Atlantic Records, and Warner Music. 

Two of the three Foundation Collections of NFTs, each with 1,000 characters, have already been sold out, and the third is now due for release.

There are also thousands of battle gear and land NFTs, giving gamers ownership of in-game items.  

The game is open to everyone, but owners of NFTs have significant benefits, including airdrops of $WEALTH rewards, Ult Ability cards, and weapons packs.

They can use top-tier characters as their avatars and add character traits, battle gear, and land NFTs to their inventories for future battles. Weapons won in battle can be upgraded to NFTs, thus increasing the inventory.

In addition, in a play & earn model, owners can earn royalties if other players use their character skins, and they can rent out gear and land NFTs for $WEALTH or sell them on the open market.

They can put their character NFTs to work to speed up constructing their land bases or send them on expeditions to earn rewards outside of the main game. 

Even free-to-play players will earn $WEALTH which they can use for in-game purchases or trade for other crypto or fiat currencies.

While the main Assembly game is being developed, NFT owners can stake their characters in the Staking Arena for an AI-driven series of battles to win $WEALTH.  

According to the CEO, Abdul Khalid, The Assembly Studios prefers a slow and steady approach rather than excessive early hype. To this end, they have built up a large and loyal community of supporters, who will form the core of buyers for their upcoming token sale.

To find out more, watch the trailer or follow its social channels:

Whitepaper | Website | Discord


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