The ‘Stranger Things’ NFTs were not appreciated

The new Stranger Things minigame for Netflix involving NFTs is not so popular with fans. 

Stranger Things: Netflix minigame with NFTs as prizes is not appreciated

The Eleven NFT Poster

NFTs are depopulating in all sectors, but not all companies benefit in the same way. This was the case with Netflix, with the new ‘Stranger Things’ minigame released by Candy Digital‘s NFT platform, which, it seems, is not so much appreciated by fans

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Basically, Stranger Things tasks players with solving puzzles to earn NFTs from the show’s stars. The NFTs in the minigame are 11,111 developed on Candy Digital’s Palm blockchain (an Ethereum layer 2 sidechain) and indicate ownership of one of the five digital posters.

In this week’s new round of the minigame, players must solve riddles to earn one of four free NFT posters of characters Mike Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers or Argyle.

“a new stranger game begins. 4 puzzles, 4 weeks, and 11,111 free exclusive Digital ST4 Collectibles to be won. you just need to crack the code:“.

Stranger Things: fans’ negative reactions to NFTs from Netflix’s game

Reactions from Stranger Things fans on Twitter were mixed, with many being outraged at the mere presence of NFTs. 

“you think we care about NFT’s?”

Or, among those who tried to play, someone complained that they were repeatedly disconnected from their account while trying to complete the challenge.

Another fan called NFTs a scam and expressed disappointment at Netflix’s involvement in this area:

“I deeply love Stranger Things, but I’m profoundly disappointed that Netflix decided it’d be a good idea to run an NFT grift on its fans. I’d love to play the games and solve the mysteries like the ARG for season three, but no. I’m not going anywhere near this trash. Do better”.

Gaming, NFTs and the metaverse

In the gaming industry, negative reactions towards NFTs and the metaverse are nothing new. 

The present case of Netflix, follows that of SEGA which allegedly launched its game on blockchain with the intention of launching NFTs for Play-to-Earn, but was blocked by the uninterested reaction of its fans. 

In contrast, other giants such as Nintendo, before taking action, had set out to understand how to use NFTs and metaverse technologies in a way that would create joy for their fans.

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