This NFT Collector Just Sold His $1 Million Rock for Less Than $0.1

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Arman Shirinyan

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Collector lost $1 million in less than one second by selling digital rock for 444 wei instead of 444 ETH

Ethereum rock collector Dino Dealer announced ‌that he, unfortunately, sold his Etherrock digital piece for 444 wei instead of 444 ETH, or $1 million. Four hundred forty-four (444) wei equals less than one cent and is not enough to even pay a transaction fee.

As the “Rock collector” shares, he “clicked” his entire net worth of approximately $1 million dollars in less than a second. Once the order appeared on the market, the NFT bot “sniped” the piece for a pittance.

Traders and NFT collectors usually set up special bots that track NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or LooksRare for pieces that are listed for a significantly lower market price because of a technical error or a mistake similar to the ones that Dino Dealer made.

Despite losing $1 million in less than one second, the collector has not given up and ironically posted a tweet saying that he would try to get a refund and sent the message to the bot owner describing his mistake made when selling the piece.

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Almost immediately, his Etherscan page was filled with commentary offering a “refund” to those who would reach out to “refund companies” via a shared email address or even phone number. But it is obvious that the listed addresses are designed to scam users who have already suffered.

It is still possible that the owner of the bot will notice the message or the tweet and return the honestly earned funds. But most likely, the owner of the rock has lost his funds and will not reclaim the NFT piece.

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