TooNFT Brings Webtoon To Web 3.0 together with Toomics

TooNFT brings Web 3.0 innovations for Webtoons, Manga, and Comics, introducing the industry to blockchain technology.

Why does the World Need This Innovation?

TooNFT is a pioneering blockchain-based project that will transform the Manga, Webtoon, and Comic ecosystem by developing a high-end futuristic NFT network. Its main functionalities aim to provide a platform where scriptwriters, readers, and even investors can exchange value without a third party.

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Thus, offering a straightforward payment system for digital creators and investors and revolutionizing Manga and WebToons developments into exchangeable NFTs.

What is TooNFT?

TooNFT is Toomic’s unprecedented blockchain-based distributed Web 3.0 platform that focuses on creating a leading platform dedicated to Manga, Comics, and WebToons. With the digital industry’s expertise flooded by innovating Toomics, one of the pacesetting WebToons firms with over 60 million users, 22 million monthly active users, and more than 10 billion page views, Toomics focuses on transforming the WebToons industry by implementing novel and innovative techniques.

The platform aims to salvage the industry’s most essential pain points via blockchain technology and introduce TooNFT to a larger audience. We are more than thrilled to venture into this journey and anticipate that you tag along in the expansion of this ever-increasing industry.

How TooNFT Plans To Lead The Decentralized WebToon Through its Blockchain-based Platform?

With the swift transformation of technological innovations and new advances in dApps (decentralized applications) and Web3.0, Toomics has chosen to slowly port to a novel age of apps that are created using blockchain technology, that aim at increasing the adaptability of IPs that are easily added via the NFT (nonfungible token) standards.

TooNFT is the foremost dApp developed on top of Toomic’s platform, which introduces the ultimate freedom from third-party interference and a straightforward incentivizing system. The application intends to strategically target challenges in the industry for online WebToons audiences by using a transparent payment system that focuses on supporting and rewarding digital content creators.

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The primary purpose of TooNFT is to develop a seamless transfer from centralized ecosystems to decentralized platforms where digital content creators can have a better profit allocation by turning their WebToons to NFTs and trading them in the Peer-to-Peer NFT marketplaces.

What Differentiates TooNFT?

The core features of TooNFT are strategically focused on solving the problems for online WebToons and comic fans. We are developing a platform with a content subscription service, content selection nominated by our control DAO system, community building features. Therefore, we provide NFT for content distribution and profit allocation.

Content Subscription

This feature will enable writers to publish content without encountering publishing charges. It’s focused on increasing the options for fans while simultaneously expanding WebToon accessibility. In addition, users get access to features like KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Views, Stars, and Reviews.

Community Development

Development of community pages to create a community within that platform. In the community pages, users can communicate their opinions and thoughts. In addition, it functions as a means to build fandom. We plan to incentivize users who participate in community tasks via awards bought and given to users.

Content Selection via DAO Governance

The team will determine when the content selection will commence, and then the choice will transit to being voted in our DAO system via decentralized governance.

NFT Structure And Profit-Disbursement System

Stakeholders’ development, disbursement, and consumption earn profit distribution accumulated from contents connected to NFTs.

The TooNFT platform uses the TOON token in the ecosystem to make all these work. The token will facilitate payment and provide users access to services in the TooNFT ecosystem. Also, using the TOON tokens, users can stake and receive incentives by partaking in the governance voting activities.


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