Top 10 crypto exchanges on Google: Coinbase wins

According to a research conducted by CasinoGuide, Coinbase is the most searched exchange on Google worldwide, with 5.78 million searches every month. The US-made platform leads the top 10 most searched exchanges with twice as many searches as the second-ranked one. 

Top 10 most searched crypto exchanges on Google

CasinoGuide’s analysis shows that Coinbase boasts 5.78 million searches per month. This is followed by Robinhood with 2.4 million searches. Third on the podium is Kraken, with 2 million searches. 

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Here is the complete list of top 10 most popular crypto trading platforms:

  1. Coinbase, 5,780,000 searches;
  2. Robinhood, 2,400,000 searches;
  3. Kraken, 2,030,000 searches;
  4. eToro, 1,830,000 searches;
  5. Gemini, 1,830,000 searches;
  6. Blockchain, 1,810,000 searches;
  7. Wazirx, 853,000 searches
  8. Indodax, 663,000 searches;
  9. Kucoin, 659,000 searches;
  10. WeBull, 609,000 searches.

In total, the most popular platforms gather as many as 18.4 million searches each month. This is a sign that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and exchanges are attracting greater interest. 

Coinbase Google
Coinbase is the # 1 exchange on Google

From CasinoGuide this is how they comment on the analysis:

“The popularity of cryptocurrency trading has exploded and as of January 2022, there are 8,000 types of cryptocurrencies, up 2,000 from this time last year. Coinbase has seen a breakout in interest in 2021 and it could have potential for exponential growth in the future. The figures shown in this research are phenomenal numbers and truly represent the global interest in cryptocurrencies and how to trade”.

Coinbase, the most popular crypto exchange on Google

The fact that Coinbase is the most popular exchange is not surprising given its numbers. On its official website, the platform claims over 73 million registered and verified users. It is operational in over 100 countries and boasts a quarterly trading volume of $327 billion.

The popularity of Robinhood, however, is singular because the famous platform that made headlines with the Gamestop pump started by Reddit, is actually only usable in the United States. The absence of Binance from the top 10 is surprising, but perhaps this is due to the fact that, given the complexity of the products offered, this exchange is not operational in all countries. 


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