Top 7 Trending Cryptos on DEXTools Today

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DEXTools is one of the best data aggregating websites in the market that collects and presents crucial crypto-related info from the decentralized markets. Here are the top 5 trending cryptos on DEXTools today.

Trending Cryptos on DEXTools Today

DEXTools provides a neutral look at cryptocurrencies trending on the decentralized markets. In its “Hot Pairs” section, you will see the cryptocurrencies making the most action.

However, it is important to note that not all the cryptos trending on “Hot Pairs” exist because they are the biggest gainers. Some of them may be the biggest losers of the day.

Tamadoge: Maintaining a consistent position as a Top Trending Crypto

Topping the DEXTools chart since the beginning of October is Tamadoge. This memecoin took strides as soon as it entered the markets, pumping by 89% when it landed on OKX DEX and CEX. This memecoin’s Uniswap listing largely went unnoticed, but the price started to pump again as news came about its listing on LBank and MEXC.

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Tamadoge is a Play-to-Earn memecoin introduced as a presale back in mid-July. Its target was to raise 19 million USDT, which it did within two months. Media outlets like CNBC quickly took notice and named this crypto capable of making 10x to 50x gains by 2022.

Tamadoge retraced at the end of September because of the market conditions but quickly established an uptrend, surpassing the $0.1 mark and rising by 600%. At the time of writing, Tamadoge is trading at $0.15.

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BONE: Governance Token of the Shibaswap ecosystem

BONE is the governance token of the Shibaswap ecosystem. It allows holders to vote on the future of the Shiba ecosystem and provide liquidity to the Shibaswap DEX.


Despite the recent surge in demand for DEXs, BONE is trading in the red zone. And at the time of writing, its price is $1.17. Whether or not this token establishes an uptrend remains to be seen. So far, however, there is no news regarding this cryptocurrency’s new utilities in the market.


HRD: A Fully Decentralized Stablecoin

HRD is the governance token of The Hoard, a fully decentralized Stablecoin that doesn’t have any centralized collateral. CoinMarketCap describes this token as a value accrual token and governance crypto.


Interested parties can lock their HRD into veHRD and earn HRD and USDH (the decentralized Stablecoin). The platform also offers a shrinking rewards pool that reduces the rewards with time.

This token hasn’t shown any price action on Uniswap DEX since its introduction on 17th September 2022. While there is a lot of information about this crypto on CoinMarketCap, we couldn’t find an official website, which only reasserts when we said that the cryptos trending on DEXTools could be both good and bad. At the time of writing, CoinMarketCap says its price is $0.23.

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HEX: A Certificate of Deposit on Blockchain

HEX is an Ethereum-based crypto, an ERC token that stores value to replace the Certificate of Deposit on the blockchain. Launched by Richard Heart in 2019, HEX allows users to stake their tokens and earn high yields.


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It has a market cap of 5.9 billion dollars, and its current price is $0.0345. On DEXTools, HEX has been trading in the green zone for the last three days. This token’s unique use case that pushes for more decentralization of traditional finance is likely the reason behind this price action.


MKU: A newly introduced Pumping Crypto

MKU is short for MUKY Ultra. It is a newly introduced cryptocurrency that has been pumping extensively since its introduction on Uniswap.


That said, we couldn’t find any information about this token either on CoinMarketCap or the official website. The bullish pump action it receives has got us wondering whether this token is a pump and dump scheme. However, MK Ultra refers to an illegal human experimentation program designed by the CIA.

These factors make it seems like it is another hype crypto trying to cash in on the volatility of the crypto market. And from what we can see on DEXTools, it is winning.

LUNA: Terra Hardfork Crypto In the News Because of Do Kwon

In the sixth position is LUNA, the cryptocurrency of the now hard-forked Terra blockchain. The road for LUNA hasn’t been smooth from the get-go. And the only reason that it is one of the hottest pairs of DEXTools is because of Do Kwon’s legal tussle with the South Korean authorities.


At the time of writing, LUNA is trading around $0.0003. The recent price movements are partly because of the recently announced crypto game and Do Kwon’s impact on the ecosystem.


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HDRN: A Collection of Smart Contracts on Ethereum and PulseChain

The seventh crypto trending on DEXTools is HEDRN. HDR is the native crypto of the collection of smart contracts on Ethereum and PulseChain. Built on top of HEX, HDRN allows users to lock their tokens in the HEX stake.


Hedron has been trading in the green since the beginning of October on Uniswap.

Other Trending Cryptos on DEXTools

Other cryptos trending on DEXTools are DOSA, MON, and X2Y2. They are all little-known crypto assets with some potential that have started to see action on Uniswap. You can learn more about them here.

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