Top 8 Web3.0-Based Coins In 2022. The present world is transforming into… | by Allan Jackob | The Capital | Jun, 2022

top 8 web3.0 coins in 2022
web3.0 coins

The present world is transforming into a great technological marvel right now. There has been a wide range of business platforms being introduced into the digital world at an alarming rate. This level of invention is due to one major network, and it is called web3.0. With the web3.0 internet iteration, an exceptional range of benefits has been provided to the business platform. From decentralization to anonymity on the web, everything is provided perfectly. The most impressive by-product of this internet iteration is the cryptocurrency that is built on web3.0. There are numerous crypto coins in the market. Even now, business platforms are releasing a wide range of coins in the digital space. From Bitcoin to Dogecoin, the production rate is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate. But, the tricky part is that these cryptocurrencies won’t stay in the same position for years. Their value tends to change immensely. Thus, right now, in 2022, these are the most impressive and important web3.0-based cryptocurrencies that are perfect for investment purposes.

Helium is a decentralized platform that is developed by a blockchain network. This crypto coin uses the Proof-of-Coverage protocol. With the HNT coin, the users can create decentralized wireless platforms on any scale margin, enabling low-power consuming devices to interact with each other and send data over a wide range of networks that are created of numerous nodes called hotspots. Each of these hotspots represents a section of the network. Moreover, these hotspots work as miners. Therefore, the users who create a hotspot will operate on these nodes. Thus, mining Helium’s native cryptocurrency(HNT).

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Chainlink is a decentralized platform that is developed on the Ethereum network. This network provides the development of smart contracts on real-world data. It can connect with various blockchain networks. Hence, becoming the perfect platform for oracle services. In recent times, the demand for Chainlink’s native coin, LINK, has increased rapidly. Thus, making it a very profitable web3.0 coin of this year.

Filecoin is a decentralized p2p storage network where users can purchase the platform’s crypto tokens by renting the space of their computer system’s hard drives. One of the advantages of Filecoin is that it can secure digital assets, such as music, art, and non-fungible tokens.


Flux is created with the sole purpose of providing assistance in developing web3.0-based applications and launching them on various networks all at the same time. It can be used to develop decentralized platforms as well. Flux provides a perfect design with a seamless decentralized architecture that enables users to have access to data that is on and off the chain.

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Theta is a decentralized blockchain network that is used for video streaming exclusively. Since it is a p2p networking system, Theta aims to initiate the production of video for users with numerous node systems in the network. At present, the current price of THETA is $3.02, and the market cap is expected to be more than $3 billion by next year.

The graph is a perfect indexing system that is used to sort and organize the data inside the blockchain network, which can be queried and filtered along the way. This is a lower-tier blockchain indexing protocol. Moreover, it is a highly cryptic digital ledger as well. The current market cap for GRT coin is expected to be around $1.7 billion dollars.

Siacoin (SC)

Sia is a p2p digital networking platform where it enables users to purchase hosts to rent their cloud storage sector. The user’s data is secured and encrypted in thirty sections, where each is uploaded to a unique networking host. The Sia’s native coin has a solid market cap of $542 million in the present year.

Polkadot allows numerous transfers to take place across various blockchain networks. With the use of Polkadot, users can interact with a wide range of blockchain networks in the native Polkadot network itself. This is a perfect production of the web3.0 internet iteration. The market cap of this year for this web3.0 invention is about $18 billion.

Final Thoughts

The web3.0 network is becoming the leader in the internet of things world right now. Thus, it would be amazing if you started a cryptocurrency development business right now. The present market is dominated by the web3.0-based tokens and coins. Thus, the timing for the development of cryptocurrencies is perfect. Therefore, conduct an immense level of research in the digital space and hire a top-tier cryptocurrency development company.

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