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Blockchain is not just technology but a trend, surfacing the digital world and various online platforms. Almost everything nowadays have been based on a Blockchain system implemented as a solution. It is not unfair to be said and not surprising that marketing standards have their share of Blockchain technology, providing solutions for companies and marketers. In this era of digitization, digital marketing is a vital component of the marketing strategy for any business, as it has the potential to enhance the visibility of any brand. As a platform, digital marketing is rapidly advancing and giving expected results. Another technology that is following the same pace of growth is Blockchain technology. It has also shown the potential of transforming the world of digital marketing for better results in the promotion of brands and businesses.

It is well-known that the Blockchain platform is a digital, decentralized ledger system that preserves records of transactions based on peer-to-peer networks. The digital marketing and advertising industry are also not untouched by Blockchain’s digital ledger’s disruptive influence. Here, we will discuss a few important platforms by which Blockchain is transforming digital marketing for the better.

  • HYPERLEDGER: This is a modular Blockchain framework developed to advance cross-industry Blockchain technologies. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger ensures global collaboration. It is extremely useful in digital marketing due to its utility in developing transactional applications with a unique approach that inspires trust, transparency, and accountability for digital marketers and helps them deal with business processes and legal mechanisms. Hyperledger offers a distributed ledger framework comprising smart contracts that secure crucial data related to business, customers, and company. It is a cost-effective and simple system of the shared network. Its decentralized digital operating system provides access to any marketer and customer who can access the Blockchain network.
  • ETHEREUM: It is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform well known for running smart contracts on a customized Blockchain. Ethereum is a public Blockchain platform that doesn’t require special permission to get access. Ether is a native cryptocurrency in Ethereum, fueling the network as the developers building applications on Ethereum use it have to pay charges in Ethers for the services and transactions. Due to its ability to reduce third party costs, it is believed to be superior to Bitcoin.
  • Quorum: An enterprise-focused version of Ethereum modifies Ethereum’s core and incorporates the Ethereum network’s updates quickly and seamlessly. Like Ethereum, Quorum is also an open-source and permissionless Blockchain platform. It is capable of handling applications that require high throughput processing and speed of private transactions. Quorum helps to resolve issues of confidentiality way better than other Blockchain networks.
  • RECORDSKEEPER: Recordkeeper is a Blockchain-centric solution developed to store, share, and manage crucial data most safely. The data stored on this platform cannot be deleted, tampered with, or modified by anyone. It offers structured and easily accessible record keeping for individuals and organizations as well. Recordkeeper comes with many useful features, such as extensive configurability. Rapid deployment, permissions management, native assets, and data streams. It helps reducing costs for saving data by storing a hash of data to be acting as the digital fingerprint.
  • CORDA: Corda is an open-source Blockchain platform that can meet the requirements of any business with its scalability as it is highly flexible and agile. Corda allows you to build interoperable Blockchain networks that transact in strict privacy. Smart contract technology of Corda provides privacy and will enable businesses to transact directly, with value in a highly secure manner. Data and details of transactions on the Corda ledger are encrypted and accessed only by the necessary parties. Digital marketers and Blockchain experts use Corda as the base for real-world problems associated with the digital marketing industry, and it helps building robust solutions.

Blockchain can present greater scope for digital marketers as this technology facilitates extensive opportunities to lead the industry. Since Blockchain is growing at a frenetic pace of innovation, new platforms are coming out with additional features and coming out along the greater growth opportunities for industries and businesses relying upon Blockchain. It has also opened scope for those seeking a career in Blockchain. All the platforms discussed above can help you open up new gateways of growth. You can also benefit from these platforms in your business by availing a professional’s services with Blockchain certification.

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Top Blockchain Platforms for Digital Marketing | by Sophia Casey | The Capital | Jan, 2021

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