Crypto billionaire Tyler Winklevoss believes that Ethereum (ETH) price could be worth a ton. Find below what he said about Ethereum (ETH) in an interview hosted by Casey Adams, the founder of PodSwipe.

Host: “When it comes to the predictions of where ether can go and how it’s utilised and where it could be from a price perspective, what’s your thoughts on that? Where ether could go from a place of value?

Tyler: “I think it’s very high… I haven’t done like maths on that lately, so for disclosure and we’ve talked about this before that we have material stake in Ether as well, like you mentioned earlier the media loves Bitcoin because it’s easier for consumers or readers to understand that and they harp on that and that makes sense. But what’s less talked about and less known is that we are huge fans (the Winklevoss twins)of Ether or Ethereum if you will in the slang. So look i think Ether has tremendous capabilities because Bitcoin’s digital gold right it’s sort of moving value from A to B and there doesn’t seem to be a huge appetite in the community to experiment or sort of screw it up, right. It’s like we’ve got a good thing going let’s not run too fast let’s not be too exotic whereas Ethereum is like you’re it’s a decentralized operating system so the promise is that you can create these applications on top of it permissionless the same way you could build an application. I don’t know about anymore, but back in the day you could build a company on top of Facebook so, companies like Zynga which actually IPO and it was worth I think at least a billion dollars, was a company built on top of facebook. So most companies today are built on top of a cloud computing service like amazon so, you rent space from Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Ethereum is a decentralised Amazon where you can build your applications there and you run the computing power by owning Ether instead of running your credit card through amazon cloud aws web services, you just pay the network in Ether. It’s not centralised, it’s not a company, it’s a decentralised network and you could create decentralised twitter on it. You could create decentralised Facebook, decentralised whatever, no one can stop it, no one really controls it; it’s owned by the users that’s the beauty of a cryptocurrency is that the value accrues to the people who use the network not just a few people in a company in silicon valley. So you know Ether has got to upgrade it’s moving to Eth2 there’s some scalable things that it’s got to work through. But i’m an optimist and the smartest folks in the room are working on it so if Ether is your global computer in the future, what’s that worth? It’s got to be a ton and it’s got to be worth as much as digital gold i would think, maybe more.”

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Tyler Winklevoss On Ethereum. Crypto billionaire Tyler Winklevoss… | by E. B. Kevin | The Capital | Apr, 2021

by Benjamin Hartman
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