UniX Grows Its Play-To-Earn Gaming Ecosystem Role With Gaming Studio Launch

UniX Grows Its Play-To-Earn Gaming Ecosystem Role With Gaming Studio Launch

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UniX Gaming has officially confirmed some news that was already widely known within its community of play-to-earn gamers, posting on Medium that its new UniX Gaming Studios is now up and running.

The launch of UniX’s gaming studio is a big deal and yet another bold step for what has already emerged as the world’s biggest and fastest growing gaming guilds in the P2E space, with more than 190,000 members and over 5,000 scholarships awarded so far. 

UniX serves a key role in the P2E gaming space, enabling many players to join in the party and start earning rewards. One of the main challenges of P2E games is the high barrier to entry, with users required to purchase expensive NFTs before they can begin playing. UniX gets around this, loaning NFTs to the most promising players with the expectation that whatever rewards they win are split 50/50, allowing it to reinvest in the guild. To ensure its players’ profits are maximized, it provides a range of training materials as well as mentorship. 

UniX is however much more than just a gaming guild. It believes there’s big potential in the NFT gaming space and wants to become a key ecosystem player. One could argue it already is, as it recently launched one of the first NFT game launchpads, providing a way for its community members to get early access to new P2E titles in return for it funding the development of new games. 

Now UniX has plans to launch its own games too. UniX Gaming Studios is promising to launch new P2E titles with a level of quality that “surpasses most of those on the market”. It has already begun work on its first title, and while it hasn’t yet said what that is, what we do know is that it will be developed using the extremely powerful 3D virtual world creation platform Unreal Engine, so we can expect to see an immense universe with incredibly realistic graphics. 

That’s likely because UniX Gaming Studios boasts some of the most talented Unreal Engine developers around, including its CTO Damir, who has previously worked on top game titles such as Bygone Dreams, Path of Titans, Knights Ascendant, Ragtag Adventurers, Castle Kong and more. It’s said that many of UniX’s developer team have established reputations as expert problem solvers on Unreal Engine so it’s no surprise that in addition to making its own titles, the studio will also provide services for other developers. 

Besides guilds and games, UniX is also aspiring to become a full “ecosystem builder” within the metaverse. To do so, it recently announced a key partnership with The Sandbox to develop its own virtual land and help brands do the same with their own digital real estate. One aspect of that will be assisting brands in the development of mini-game metaverse experiences, where UniX Gaming Studios will no doubt to play a key role. 

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