Verlux announces VLX listing on BitMart Exchange

With excitement, the Verlux team announces the primary listing of its VLX token on the popular BitMart Exchange. According to the team, the listing on May 3, 2022, offers all BitMart users an opportunity to trade the VLX/USDT pair from 06:00 AM EDT.

Verlux’s mission is to create a sustainable platform to cater to the increasing number of daily volumes of trades on the NFT ecosystem. The team is also determined to support interoperability between NFTs on multiple blockchains in the ecosystem by developing a cross-chain protocol for them. 

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What is Verlux? 

Verlux is a Cardano-based community-driven decentralized cross-chain NFT marketplace that allows users to perform a wide range of operations such as buying, milling, swapping, and selling their NFTs by leveraging the Cardano Blockchain’s security and low gas fees. 

According to the team, the project’s goal is to ensure seamless interactions between the huge number of NFTs on different blockchains through a neutral network while taking advantage of Cardano Blockchains low transaction fees. 

Although most NFT marketplaces allow NFT minting and trading, Verlux offers a cross-chain swap protocol through which users can perform other functions such as swapping NFTs on other blockchains to Cardano Blockchain. 


Some of the outstanding features of the Verlux ecosystem that boosts its popularity among users are: 

  • Decentralized NFT Marketplace: Verlux offers NFT enthusiasts and creators a decentralized platform built on the Cardano Blockchain. Sustainability, scalability, and interoperability are some of the marketplace’s attractive features that guarantee high confirmation time and faster transactions.
  • Staking and Yield Farming: On the platform, $VLX holders can stake a specific amount of their tokens and earn rewards in a limited NFT edition. They can trade their rewards on other platforms as well.
  • Cross-Chain Swap Protocol: Through its cross-chain swap protocol, users can effortlessly transfer their NFTs to the Cardano Blockchain from other blockchains. The team will be building its swap protocol on the Cardano network’s smart contract to give users a taste of NFTs interoperability.
  • Low Transaction Cost: The team built their project on the Cardano Blockchain to take advantage of its low operational cost for NFT selling and minting. This is to ensure that Verlux’s users enjoy lower charges when using the platform.
  • NFT Farming: The Verlux team enhances its marketplace with a staking protocol that allows users to farm exclusive NFTs and farm special NFT editions. Through the novel protocol, the team sets itself apart as the first of its kind to launch such a project on the network.
  • Governance: $VLX token holders are empowered to contribute to decision-making processes that are related to the project. They can also vote on issues affecting the ecosystem too. Hence, the token’s holders aren’t just ordinary holders but powerful stakeholders in the Verlux ecosystem.
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Verlux Social Links

You can connect with the team and learn more about the Verlux project through their social media pages shown below: 







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