VISA: a limitless crypto credit card in Dubai and UAE

Bitcoinblack is a new Visa credit card that has been launched in Dubai and the UAE.

Bitcoinblack: the new Visa crypto card for Dubai and the UAE

The bitcoinblack app

Those who decide to order it will have truly exclusive benefits such as no spending limit worldwide and cashback of 10% in SPND tokens. 

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These utility tokens will be able to be used in the company’s e-commerce called Haute Living Luxury Marketplace which will soon be launched in two weeks.

Luxury products such as handbags, cars, watches, jets, houses and more will be available on this platform.

 Kamal Hotchandini, Chief Luxury Officer of bitcoinblack, explained:

“We’re very excited because in addition to being able to spend rewards on incredible luxury items, the marketplace will also allow members to purchase experiences that our team at Haute Living Magazine have created exclusively for them. These are one-of-a-kind events not found anywhere else in the world”.

How to order the card

The design of this card began in 2021 and is on an invitation-only basis, which can be applied for on the official website.

When submitting the form to get the invitation, the questions are mostly about net annual earnings and tax code. The aim should be to provide these cards only to users with great spending power so that it is something very exclusive:

“People with incredible wealth in crypto needed a way to spend their crypto easily and be rewarded for it. 

Bitcoinblack is perfectly suited for high networth individuals who want to use their crypto for business or pleasure wherever they are in the world, including the 140+ countries where Visa is accepted. All members need to do is simply load up their crypto through the web app or soon-to-come secure bitcoinblack wallet app, and they’re instantly empowered to spend their crypto with the best conversion rates and high limits”.

The exclusivity of the card lies more precisely in the fact that it grants access to only a small segment of the population, and it also has no limits on its use.

Indeed, as far as tokens and cashback are concerned there are many crypto companies already doing this and with sometimes even higher returns. For example, Eidoo provides up to 16% PNT tokens, as well as numerous other benefits such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, airport lounge access, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, and more.

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