Whale Alert and the Bitcoin Block Bot never got bored at the weekend. The transaction tickers went straight to the net with five big BTC transfers.

What Whale Alert and the Bitcoin Block Bot record is a regular topic of conversation. After all, large transactions attract a lot of attention. This time, too, the unknown senders and recipients leave room for speculation.

Three transactions caught Whale Alert’s attention on Saturday. The largest of them contained 7,073 Bitcoin for the equivalent of $ 337 million. The respective wallets? Unknown. The same applies to two other transactions in which 2,130 and 2,641 BTC have changed hands for the equivalent of 99 and 122 million US dollars, respectively.

Just one day later, the Bitcoin Block Bot jumped on two more transactions. A first transfer of 2,236 BTC (100 million USD) was followed a few hours later by the next one with 3,845 BTC (178 million USD).

Since these are unknown wallets, one can only speculate about the sender and recipient. With the withdrawal of large Bitcoin stocks from exchanges on cold storages, whales artificially reduce the already more limited BTC supply. The BTC flows could also be traced back to OTC desks through which institutional investors stock up on the coveted asset. Either way: Large BTC transactions are usually heralds for large trading activities on the crypto market. It is possible that Twitter has already stocked up on Bitcoin .

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