Werenode has launched the ICO of WRC token on 14th February 2022

Werenode has launched the ICO of WRC token on 14th February 2022

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Werenode is a France-based company that is geared to redefine the EV charging industry by launching WRC – a Blockchain-based crypto token designed with an aim to help both entrepreneurs and riders in the EV charging ecosystem.

The ICO sale of WRC Token has begun on 14th February 2022, wherein potential investors from across the globe are able to purchase the token to tap into a redefined, blockchain-based EV charging platform.

The existing EV charging space is beset with inefficiencies like higher transaction fees, weaker infrastructure, and the involvement of middlemen. In addition, it has loopholes such as limited charging infrastructure, unreliable P2P payment mechanism, complicated pay per use, several layers of intermediation, and more. 

WRC Token aims to address the problems of the conventional EV charging industry. It is designed to handle complex regulations of the regional EV charging market and facilitate the traceability of green energy. As a completely decentralized token, WRC offers better security, transparency, and high-speed transactions. Whether it is an entrepreneur or an EV rider, WRC provides significant benefits to all members of the EV charging community.  

Entrepreneurs, who intend to charge their EV charging station, can embrace WRC Token to provide an efficient means of payment to their users and create a new revenue stream for themselves. EV riders can leverage WRC Token to seamlessly pay for their EV charging session.   

The EV charging industry is growing astonishingly and is expected to thrive further in the future, according to Statista. Thus, it is crunch time for businesses to invest in tokens like WRC and earn big. 

About the company

Werenode SAS is a France-based company founded in 2018 by a team of skilled engineers with sheer expertise in electric vehicle charging systems, Blockchain solutions, payment solutions, and more. The company works with a vision to revolutionize the traditional EV charging paradigm by providing Blockchain-powered EV charging solutions to businesses in the EV space. The company intends to raise funds by launching the ICO of its WRC token which will be utilized to develop and launch advanced EV charging solutions for users as well as businesses.

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