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what are crypto trading bots

As you know, the crypto trading market is very volatile, sometimes, the price movements can go insane for a certain time period. Day Traders in crypto may find it hard to trade for themselves. Day Trading Crypto is a skill that not everyone has. But there are a lot of people who wish to start Day Trading Crypto but are unable to do it because maybe they are finding it too hard. Beginners don’t know how to trade for themselves.

If you are also facing problems like these, that’s where you can use the power of Artificial Intelligence to trade for you. In 2022, there are a lot of trading bots which can do anything from simple to complex trading activities on themselves.

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Best of all — Using Trading Bots will help you generate 100% passive crypto income. After you setup the bot, you don’t need to do anything, it will do everything on its own!

In this article, we will discuss What Are Crypto Trading Bots, Are Crypto Trading Bots Profitable, How to use Crypto Trading Bots, and Where to find Crypto Trading Bots, so without wasting time, let’s dive in straight to our beginner-friendly article.

So in simple words, Crypto Trading Bots are an automated AI-based system which work in behalf of the investor, and simplifies the process of trading by being able to read prices and volatility levels. These bots will execute trades like buy/sell for you whenever a condition is met, for example if the price goes down, it will buy itself, and if the prices goes up, it will sell itself, depending on the bot you are using. There are some trading bots which will only buy and not sell, also, there are others which will only sell and not buy. Using Crypto Trading Bots for trading is more efficient, as trading bots perform relatively better than humans and they make few to no mistakes, and they don’t have emotions or sentiment, so they don’t start trades based on emotions or sentiments, like humans do. These bots can trade more accurately and reliably than humans. And we humans, can use them to our benefit as someone is trading for us, so basically, our labor is over now. We don’t even need to trade ourselves how awesome that sounds!

  1. Data Analysis: Crypto Trading Bots can analyze data like price and volatility from various sources, and they are able to use that data to conclude whether to make a buy or sell trade. Also Crypto Trading bots lets users customize what types of data the user wants to be analyzed and make even accurate trades according to our needs in that way.
  2. Risk Prediction: Crypto Trading Bots have the power to predict the potential risk behind any asset. And due to this the bots will be able to decide the amount that they should invest to a trade at a particular time. The more the risk, the lesser the bots will decide to put in a trade, and the lower the risk, the more the bots will decide to put into a trade.
  3. Signal Generation: Crypto Trading Bots will, in this way, make predictions and identify when to trade and how to trade. All this is done based on Technical Data Analysis, their predictions are better than the predictions that humans make, which make them more reliable for trading cryptocurrencies.
  4. Execution: This is the part in which cryptocurrencies are bought and sold based on the Data Analysis that these bots first did. Those signals will generate the buy or sell orders based on advanced technical analysis.

So hopefully, the above article would have given a clean introduction to what are crypto trading bots?, now lets move on to if these bots are worth it or not?

Now, you might be wondering after knowing what are crypto trading bots, are they worth it, should you use them or not. So the simple answer to this question is that it depends if they are worth it or not. What I mean by this is that there are a lot of scams running nowadays in this crypto market, and trading bots are also affected with these scams. There are a lot of reliable good trading bots, but there are a lot of scammy bots as well. If you can decide to pick the correct bot, then the answer will be yes crypto trading bots are definitely worth it a lot because you don’t need to do anything, but you still earn crypto 100% passively and reliably already millions of people all around the world are using crypto trading bots to their advantage. They come among one of the most great ways to earn crypto passively, and potentially you can earn very high APY(Annual Percentage Yield). And you should definitely try using the correct trading bots to make profits, you would absolutely love the crazy returns that you can get from these trading bots.

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  1. Choose the correct trading bot (list of best bots mentioned below)
  2. Tell the bot what you want, for eg. if you choose a DCA(Dollar Cost Average) bot, it will keep buying again and again whenever it gets opportunities, and works for you in the long run, on the other hand, futures grid will buy or sell based on market trends. I recommend you to go with DCA(Dollar Cost Average) as it’s the safest and most profitable in the long term.
  3. Choose the Amount you will wish to invest, put any amount you want, don’t put too much, I recommend you to assign 10% of your investment portfolio to trading bots.
  4. Enjoy your money! Now the bot will trade for you, and you will start to earn passive income. Now your work is over, and the bot’s work has begun, all your labor is done now, the bot will do everything for you, and you can get money now without even lifting your finger!

Like any other market, scams in crypto market are rising day by day, there are more and more crypto scams daily. We must be careful and responsible to be safe in the crypto market. Also, Crypto Trading Bots are one of the things that scammers use to scam people, they claim that their bot will only win and not lose, and they promise very high returns, and they cost you a lot of money. But in reality, that’s a big lie, all those scammers want is your money, after they get the money, they give you the bot, but that bot is so useless that it can even make you lose all the money that you put into that bot. That’s why we have be to careful while choosing a trading bot, only use famous trusted services to get bots, and don’t trust the so-called GURUS that spread big claims and shares such scammy bots. Be responsible, and you won’t get scammed.

  1. Kucoin Trading Bots: Kucoin offers us with 5 different types of trading bots which include: spot grid, futures grid, smart rebalance, DCA, and infinity grid. From which I always recommend DCA as its safest and most profitable in the long term. Kucoin is trusted worldwide, it is the 4th largest crypto exchange in the whole world, which definitely means that it’s a thing that we can trust.
  2. Bybit Trading Bots: Bybit offers us with grid bots, in which we can create our own grid for placing buy and sell orders, we will tell Bybit that we will buy when price goes here and sell when price goes there, and it will automatically execute the orders for you. Unlike Kucoin, it is not AI-based, but it can still be good and easy to use if done correctly. Bybit is one of the most largest crypto exchanges in the whole world, and billions of dollars are being traded every day here, so it’s definitely a thing to trust.

So in the above article, we discussed about what are crypto trading bots, are they worth it, how to use them, and what are the best trading bots?, so you should have now got a clear understanding of what are crypto trading bots and how you can profit from them, still, if you have any questions, or if you want me to write about anything definitely comment down below, I will reply to every comment down below.

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