eToro‘s usual monthly report on the most traded cryptocurrencies on its platform reveals a novelty: there is a sharp increase in women investors

Most female investors seem to focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum, with an increase of 15% and 12% respectively compared to the numbers from the same period in January 2020 (when they were only 10% and 11%).

Women, cryptocurrencies: investor demographics are changing

With regard to demographics, the greater presence of women is not the only change that eToro is reporting. According to the platform, in fact, the demographic age of investors is also changing. Those who choose Bitcoin were on average 37 years old in 2017, instead they are 35 today. The average Ethereum investor is 32 years old (35 years old in 2017).

This change was seen during one of the most profitable periods in the cryptocurrency industry, with Bitcoin and Ethereum hitting new all-time highs. This is also why there has been a 106% increase in investors holding Bitcoin on eToro, compared to a year ago. There is also an 82% increase in those who chose Ethereum. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges, data from eToro

Anyway, Bitcoin is confirmed as the most traded cryptocurrency in January on eToro, with an increase of 167% compared to the previous month. 

January 2021 however is a landmark month for Ethereum.  It’s no coincidence that the cryptocurrency has spiked in trading volumes, up 313% from the previous month. Only Dash did better, rising 348% in volumes. On the other hand, the trading volumes of XRP dropped, as it was affected by the decisions of the SEC: the uncertainty about the future of XRP is a brake for investors. 

The top 10 most traded crypto assets on eToro in January 2021 are distributed as follows:

  1. Bitcoin;
  2. Ethereum;
  3. Cardano;
  4. XRP;
  5. Stellar;
  6. Litecoin;
  7. Bitcoin Cash;
  8. Dash;
  9. MIOTA;
  10. Tron.

eToro analyst Simon Peters commented this way:

“Looking at the numbers, it is not surprising to see both Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate trading activity in January following strong performances over the past year. However, this market is still growing and there are opportunities offered by a whole range of cryptocurrencies, as evidenced by the increased demand for alternative cryptocurrencies such as Cardano and Dash. It is important to remember, however, that these types of assets are volatile and should only be used as a small component of a diversified portfolio.”


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Women and cryptocurrencies, investments increase

by Matt Villie
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