World’s First NFT Unconference & Exhibition

Just weeks after announcing the launch of its first annual unconference, NFTBerlin, the non-profit, chain-agnostic IRL platform for NFTs, today announced the most legendary NFT cryptoarts exhibition from private collections of world-famous crypto art collectors such as Cozomo de’ Medici aka Snoop Dogg, NeonDAO, acclaimed German rapper CRO and Blockstar among many others.

The collection includes extraordinary cryptoart from CryptoPunks, Bored Apes Yacht Club, Squiggles, and more.

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The NFTBerlin conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, from 25th to May 27th at the “Alte Münze”. The in-real-life event (IRL) will feature international guest speakers, exclusive NFTs collections, talks, games, unique live minting experiences, and an NFT hackathon.

The conference is the first of its kind in Germany and will be participated by speakers Aave & Lens protocol,, NFTfi, Richie Hawtin, and more.

NFTBerlin just unveiled today its official program. The first collection of tickets has been released and gives participants access to a complete conference program and exclusive cryptoart. 

Enter a different world: Why do NFTs matter? 

NFTs are disrupting the world as we know it. What seemed like a tale straight out of the dystopia “Ready, Player, One” is now our reality. Since the emergence of the first NFT in 2014, NFTs are now the hottest topic of discussion.

Indeed, the NFT market is often characterized as “the new gold rush”, with a market valued at nearly $41 billion in 2021. The interest and demand will continue to grow drastically for years. The NFTs technology brings tremendous benefits and limitless possibilities for creators, art owners, tech specialists, companies, investors, etc.

If you are not convinced yet, take it from Naval Ravikant, former CEO of Angelist. “Denying and pushing back against NFTs and crypto is saying that we will not have a collectively owned future. We’re going to have a corporate-owned future, and we’re going to have a government-owned future”. 

The conference program revealed

After a long wait, NFTBerlin revealed today its entire conference program. Topics will revolve around art collectibles and society, gaming, financialization, infrastructure & research. Attendees will navigate between four stages packed with talks, panel discussions, demos, etc. Speakers will include artists such as Richie Hawtin and creators, builders from The Fabricant, Metawalls, Mintbase, Snapshot, etc. 

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it can purchase NFTBerlin tickets.

NFTBerlin is much more than an unconference. It is a collective of innovative minds democratizing technology to create a unique and sustainable experience. With excitement, NFT Berlin released the first batch of public tickets, now on sale on Opensea, giving participants full unconference admission with an exclusive NFT crypto art ticket and access to the after-party.

Exclusivity: The NFTBerlin Hackathon in partnership with Encode Club

Following the NFTBerlin unconference, attendees and hackers from all over the world will have the opportunity to participate in the NFTBERLIN & Encode Club Hackathon, happening on May 27 and 28 at the same venue.

The Hackathon is sponsored by NFTBerlin, Arweave, Livepeer, and Urbit – and will be followed by a prize ceremony, offering winners cash prizes for more than €20K and valuable tokens.

This unique Hackathon fosters synergy and innovation by providing an IRL platform for builders and artists to learn and create together. Builders have set the foundations of the Web3 landscape and unraveled the power of communities and creatives.

We believe that NFTs will play a significant role in deconstructing the current status quo of centralized ownership and want to explore the potential of the technology through intensive cooperation and learning. Hacker applications are still open here.


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