XRP’s Most Surprising Price Prediction Shared by Uphold Head of Research: Details

The XRP community has been stunned after Dr. Martin Hiesboeck, Uphold’s Head of Research, shared a ChatGPT conversation on XRP.

ChatGPT is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022 that interacts in a conversational way. According to the screenshot shared by Hiesboeck, ChatGPT was asked about the moon date for XRP.

The artificial intelligence tool responded that it could not predict financial markets as it was not designed for that. After some prodding, it answered that the moon date for XRP was March 23, 2023, and that it was going to get the biggest bag before it moons and then sail off to the sunset. ChatGPT added, “XRP to $589,000, Up yours XRPP.”

What the AI tool might be referring to as “XRPP” was the satirical “XRP the Standard Productions,” which often made jokes about happenings in the crypto space.

The response by the ChatGPT tool no doubt had the XRP community cracking up, with several responding to the tweet with laughter emojis.

A few took it as a foresaying that the XRP price might “moon”. Hiesboeck wrote, “XRP price prediction. The all-knowing Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT revealed when XRP will moon. After some prodding.”

CryptoLaw founder and blockchain enthusiast, John Deaton, reacted to Hiesboeck by saying, “And they said 589 was unrealistic.”

Most predictions about XRP suggest its price reaching the $1,000 mark, or often five digits. The $589,000 price prediction was deemed unrealistic as XRP would have to rally nearly 200 million percent from its current price of $0.38.

According to U.Today, David Gokhshtein predicts the XRP price might take off if the SEC lawsuit is won, but the extent and magnitude of the takeoff are yet unknown.

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