You Need To Start Making Money. Why Is Making Money So Important? | by Tyler | The Capital | May, 2022

Why Is Making Money So Important?

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I just wanted to preface this by stating that this article is not and will not be for everyone. This article is for those that have an extreme interest in wealth, luxury, and more. This will also adhere more to those with capitalist morals and materialistic views.

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1. Rules Don’t Apply To The Rich

This one is fairly straightforward. Take it as you will, extreme wealth allows for freedom in many aspects of life.

2. Live Off Your Investments

If you are currently in your 20s, this is your time to invest your income. The classic save 70% and spend 30% has and always will be applicable.

“Making money is easy. It is. The difficult thing in life in not making it, it’s keeping it.”

-John McAfee

Saving money and investing it is not easy, but even a little will be beneficial in the long-term. Get started now.

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3. Money Brings Happiness

The road to financial freedom is not one that will be an easy straight path, however, once you reach the point where you have financial freedom, that is when you can be truly happy. Live your life and do what you want. I’m not saying that you can’t be happy if you don’t have money, however, money will often contribute to a huge portion of your happiness.

4. Strive for Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, and Location Freedom

These are 3 key aspects of your life that you really should take into consideration. Once you are able to fully achieve all 3, you will be thankful.

5. Dopamine Detox and Monk Mode

Popular YouTuber Iman Gadzhi has made the idea of “Monk Mode” into something incredible.

Put your head and focus on your work.

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