ZCX Price Prediction – Where is Unizen Going This Year

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Unizen (ZCX)’s price today is $0.114. ZCX’s current market capitalization stands at $32,127,465. Its total volume is at $764k. ZCX’s total circulating capital is around $254827984.

Let’s take a moment and look at ZCX’s performance in the last week.

ZCX’s current performance

In the last 24 hours, ZCX’s price has increased by 0.038%. In the last week, its price has moved up from $0.11, which signifies a growth of 7%. In the next 6 days, it is predicted to go further up by 6.2% and reach $0.1215 by February 18, 2023.

ZCX’s price volatility for the last 30 days is at 14%. Its 50-Day SMA is around $0.091, and its 200-Day SMA is at $0.105.

Unizen is, at the moment, trading above its 200-Day simple moving average. Its 200-Day SMA has been signaling BUY since February 6, 2023.

The price of Unison is also above the 50-day simple moving average. And much like its 200-Day SMA, its 50-Day SMA is also indicating BUY but for a much longer period now, which is since January 11, 2023, i.e., 33 days.

ZCX’s 50-day SMA to cross over 200-Day SMA

As mentioned earlier, Unizen’s 200-Day SMA will drop to around $0.103 by March 15, 2023. Its short-term 50-Day SMA is estimated to go up to around $0.14 during the same time.

Unizen’s 50-Day and 200-Day simple moving average graphs indicate a “golden cross” in the near future. Golden cross happens when a cryptocurrencies 50-Day simple moving average crosses over its 200-Day simple moving average.

Since November 2023, both its short-term and long-term price line has started to close on each other, and there are extremely close now. It is predicted that the crossover will happen around the 21st of February. When its 50-Day SMA will be at $0.1078, and the 200-Day SMA will be at $0.1063. After the crossover, the graphs are expected to move apart again, which will mean that the “golden cross” will be around for at least one month, if not more, until the middle of march 2023.

Around 400 days ago, on the first week of January 2022, ZCX witnessed its most recent “death cross” in the bitcoin market.

The relative strength index is a popular criterion for understanding market sentiment. If RSI is oversold or below 30, it signals BUY. If, however, it is above 70 or overbought, it signals to SELL. RSI is generally measured for 14 days. Unizen ZCX’s current 14 Day RSI is just around 58, which indicates that Unizen’s ZCX is currently experiencing a neutral position.

However, according to technical statistics, the sentiment is bearish for Unizen ZCX right now.

ZCX’s price prediction beyond 2023

Unizen ZCX’s price for 2023 is predicted to rise in the range of 3409-4912%. The average price of ZCX should witness an increase of 4131%.

Unizen ZCX’s price for 2024 is predicted to rise in the range of 4166-6200%. The average price of ZCX should witness an increase of around 5200%.

Unizen ZCX’s price for 2026 is predicted to rise in the range of 6600-9900%. The average price of ZCX should witness an increase of around 8200%.

Unizen ZCX’s price for 2027 is predicted to rise in the range of 9385-12490%. The average price of ZCX should witness an increase of 10412%.

Unizen ZCX’s price for 2030 is predicted to rise in the range of $19 to $30. The average price of ZCX is expected to be around 24.5%.

Although the market sentiment towards ZCX is bearish right now and analytical tools indicate that it is might not be a favorable option to invest in now. However, these price prediction indicates that ZCX’s price graph is looking toward a bullish market from 2023 to at least the next 7 years.

What is Unizen ZXC?

Unizen is a smart exchange ecosystem. It is an operating system that enables cross-chain exchange applications. These applications on this operating system are known as modules. The modules are loaded onto the smart ecosystem, and they allow traders to interact with a wide range of trading products. The products in its operating system are both decentralized and centralized. Unizen’s trade aggregation algorithms allow users to interact with all these products.

Unizen’s native utility token is ZCX.

Advantages of ZCX Token

There are four main advantages of using the ZCX token.

  • Exchange Governance: it helps build a decentralized community in the Unizen Exchange to make key decisions such as listing votes for identified candidates, augmenting the roadmap, and customizing the user interface of Unizen.
  • Low Trading Fees: if users hold ZCX tokens in the UNIZEN: CEX module’s wallet, trading fees will be deducted on its own from your ZCX holdings. This will allow users great trading discounts on the Unizen platform.
  • Multi-Asset Staking: Unizen allows for dynamic multi-asset staking. If users stake their ZCX tokens on the platform, then it will earn them rewards in various other digital asset forms, which are not limited to a single network.
  • Access to ZenX Labs Portfolio: When users stake ZCX tokens, the platforms allow them access to other ZenX projects.

Finance Cloud powers the Unizen CeFi module. It lets users do trades against the Binance shared liquidity on the Unizen platform.

Concluding Words

To understand ZCX’s price volatility and market trend, it is wise to look at and understand its past performance.

ZCX’s price graph from 2022 clearly indicates more slump than a hike. In April 2022, its price was at $0.21, followed by a sharp drop in May 2022. It gained a little bit during October 2022, and the graph indicates 3 significant hikes within that month. The gain continued until November 2022. However, after November, ZCX’s price chart shows a straight line until January 2023, when its price was around $0.062. Throughout January 2023, its price saw some gain in value with periodic drops. The highest this year was at $0.14 on 8th February 2023.

Unizen’s most recent all-time high was around 15 months ago, in mid-September in the year 2021. At that time, the price hit above $7. ZCX’s current price is way below that all-time-high figure and is not expected to reach around $7 until 2024.

For the worst case, a most bearish scenario in 2013, Unizen’s price will drop further down to around $0.0976. A bullish sentiment could take the price above $5 in 2023.

Most experts say ZCX is experiencing a bearish sentiment and is likely to continue until the mid of this year.

ZCX Alternatives

Investors should not be motivated by ZCX’s price prediction, as there are a variety of other options in the market to consider. You can check out our list of the best DeFi cryptos that will be better alternatives to ZCX.

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