‘Zellys’, a virtual character becomes an ambassador of ‘NFT META Korea 2022’

  • Zellyspace’s IP character Zellys has been selected as an ambassador of NFT META Korea 2022 to promote and popularize blockchain industry, including the NFT and metaverse syndrome. Meanwhile, a character based NFT project Metazellys will also be released on February 22.

Can you think of any character that represents the blockchain industry? It is not surprising to regard the former blockchain industry as a barren land for a character-related advertisement or promotion. Zellys, which is Zellyspace’s IP(Intellectual Property) character and has a unique background of being an astronaut jelly, is the first character content to make its first step on dry land.

Past four months, Zellyspace has participated in some of the most important business conferences in Korea, such as ‘Character Licensing Fair 2021’ and ‘Seoul Illustration Fair,’ impressing visitors of various ages. In addition, Zellyspace was invited as a speaker of the ‘NFT META Seoul 2021’ conference and gave a speech on NFT and blockchain as the elements that break down the boundary between the virtual and real world.

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Korea CEO Summit(KCS) and Blockchain Summit MARVELS, who were keeping their eyes on these steps forward, chose Zellys as an ambassador of the 14th World Blockchain Summit MARVELS, held on February 22 under the theme of ‘NFT META Korea 2022’.

Sponsored by Seoul, Busan, and the Ministry of Science and ICT, NFT META Korea is one of the most prestigious events among domestic blockchain conferences. In addition, it provides an opportunity to hear various opinions from experts on Korea’s blockchain and metaverse development prospects and markets after COVID-19.

At the most significant event in the blockchain industry, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and experts participate as speakers. Zellys is taking the lead as an ambassador in the Web 3.0 era and as a character representing NFT, the new financial assets, and the new paradigm of the metaverse.

NFT META Korea 2022 hold on Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas. It is sponsored by the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, Korea Blockchain Startup Association, Korea NFT Contents Association, Metaverse Media Association, Global Fintech Industry Promotion Center, Korea Financial ICT Convergence Society, and Korea Blockchain Association.

Agenda of the conference including; Blockchain Promotion: Tell the Presidential Candidate; Blockchain Becomes Infrastructure for Digital Industry; 1,000 Faces of NFT; Digital Transformation of Culture and Arts/Real Estate Industry; NFT & Metaverse New Paradigm; Come on, Ride on Metaverse; The Era of Virtual Economy, etc. will present and discuss.

Oh Myung, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technology; Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul City; Lee Won-Wook, National Assemblyman and Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport; Cho Myung-hee, chairman of the National Assembly and the Special Committee for Future Industry Jobs; Yoon Chang-Hyun, chairman of the Special Committee for Virtual Assets; and Yang Jung-sook, a member of the National Assembly and the Korea Communications Commission will deliver speeches in the opening ceremony of the conference.

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[Metazellys promotion poster, ©Zellyspace]

Meanwhile, Zellyspace launched a new NFT project called Metazellys on February 22. Metazellys presents a diverse character image based on brand collaboration, including fashion, jewelry, athletic goods, etc. It expects more collectors for PFP (Picture for Profile) because each NFT is made and set differently with various colors and fashion items that give identity characters.

The first official sale of Metazellys is on February 22, 2:22:22 p.m. KST. After that, 222 NFTs will be listed on Opensea.io and can purchase with KLAY and ETH. Since the official sale starts on the same day as the NFT META Korea 2022, visitors of the conference might get detailed information directly from the Zellyspace booth.

Metazellys project will mint 10,000 NFTs in total, minting at least 222 NFTs every Tuesday at 2:22 PM KST starting from February 22, then March 1, and so on. Each round of sales has limited quantities. First come, first served.

Metazellys also has a ‘the more you purchase, the more benefits you get system. For example, holders who purchase 10 NFTs will get a rare NFT. Likewise, holders who purchase 100 NFTs will receive 12 rare NFTs. In addition, there will be an event where Metazellys NFT holders can receive a toy action figurine named ZellysBrick, which has the same appearance as the NFT they hold.

The Metazellys project expects to expand not only to NFT sales but also to games. In addition to its role as a collection, purchased NFT leads to eco-friendly NFT games driven by electric vehicles through collaboration with Tesla and BYD. The game is called Zellys Cow and is a form of cryptocurrency mining minigame. Coin mine while the automobile is running and can link to mobile games. It is also a P2E(Play to Earn) type of game that coins mine through gameplay can be sold through the exchange. Holders who purchase Metazellys NFT will also allow the match in the game.

Furthermore, with the project’s expansion to the membership club, Metazellys NFT buyers will benefit from hotel accommodations and airline tickets within Korea. Membership benefits provide following the member grade. As Zellyspace is collaborating with various artists, art gallery membership will also be one of the benefits of the membership club. Besides, multiple benefits are available, including domestic and foreign gallery tours, opportunities to purchase limited-edition artworks, and private art classes.

Zellyspace said Metazellys aims to be “an NFT project that leads the NFT 3.0 era that connects the real and virtual world”.


Image: NFT META Korea 2022 promotion poster with ambassador Zellys, ©Zellyspace

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