ZetaChain upgrades Testnet with built-in Omnichain interoperability

Public L1 blockchain ZetaChain releases key updates to its testnet, bringing it one step closer to becoming the first generic cross-chain smart contract platform, the company announces today.

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The upgraded testnet includes the launch of the blockchain Explorer app ZetaScan, making the network fully transparent and explorable. In addition, to live transaction monitoring, ZetaChain releases new cross-chain DEX code for developers and partners to build powerful omnichain dApps in DeFi. Find the live developer docs here: docs.zetachain.com.

The project – backed by early Coinbase and Binance employees and a handful of others – believes its tech will put an end to the high-risk, “tribal” era of multichain, providing a blockchain with generic omnichain smart contract support.

“What separates Zetachain from other competitors… is that even blockchains without smart contracts, such as Bitcoin, can be incorporated into the multi-chain network”, writes Amber Group in its market analysis on interoperability. The platform will enable “interoperability between chains and allow for new ecosystems to be built upon them.”

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About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is the foundational layer to a multichain future. The novel blockchain enables multichain functionality without using bridges or wrapped tokens and the easy deployment of omnichain-dApps, or odApps. These applications can manage and connect data and value across all smart contract platforms as well as non-smart contract platforms like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

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