A Whole New String of Blockchain Games is Available to Players

There are a lot of big and exciting things happening in the world of blockchain gaming. For starters, Gala Games is joining hands with the Elixir Games Launcher distribution platform to ensure its new series of web3 gaming titles can reach larger audiences.

Gala Games and Elixir Are Coming Together Via Blockchain

Gala offers a strong number of web3 games including “Town Star” and “Spider Tanks.” While they’re popular, the list of current players is somewhat limited since platforms hosting the games are not on the same length as Sony, for example, which has the whole PlayStation community supporting it.

This is where Elixir Games comes in. Gala is adamant that blockchain and web3 are becoming much more prominent in the world of gaming, and that those who get in on these elements now will see their riches, audiences, and the playability of their titles exceed anything anyone thought possible.

The company is confident that its new Elixir partnership will help it reach more people and expand its breadth to the highest corners of the gaming arena. In an interview, Jason Brink – president of blockchain at Gala Games – explained:

Elixir and Gala Games both envision a better future for gaming and better experiences for gamers. With this partnership, we can both drive further towards making that a reality for more players all over the world.

Carlos Roldan – the CEO at Elixir Games – also threw his two cents into the mix, commenting:

We are thrilled to join forces with Gala Games and introduce their incredible gaming experiences to our platform. Our goal is to provide players with the best gaming content and community engagement, and this partnership allows us to deliver on that promise. We look forward to starting this initiative with ‘Town Star’ and ‘Spider Tanks’ and working with Gala to expand their gaming catalog with the Elixir Games Launcher.

In other news, crypto and blockchain fans are swelling with excitement following the release of a new title known as “New Bitcoin City.” Having gone live in late July, the game is unique in that it features a non-fungible token (NFT) auction and marketplace that bitcoin fans can utilize to purchase and bid on new assets.

One of the game’s developers – who goes by the name “@punk3700” on Twitter – had this to say about the product on social media:

We want to make bitcoin as generalized as possible [and] usable for far more than just a currency. We started first with art, then AI, and DeFi is the natural next area to add.

Is Sega Missing Out?

All this seems to contradict recent news from game developer Sega.

The company announced it was permanently stepping away from blockchain gaming given that developers found it too complicated or because players thought it was boring.

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