AI-Powered Crypto Meme Coin Shiba Memu Presale Surpasses the $2M Milestone

Shiba Memu (SHMU), an artificial intelligence (AI) powered cryptocurrency meme coin, is thrilled to announce that it has surpassed the impressive $2 million mark in its presale round.

Marking a significant milestone for the project, Shiba Memu is set to list on the renowned crypto exchange, BitMart within the first month of the presale’s launch. This has propelled the impressive participation of its presale.

Shiba Memu: Exploring the Potentials of AI-Powered Crypto Meme Coin

Following its design, Shiba Memu (SHMU) will function as a refreshing dog-themed crypto meme coin that harnesses the power of AI to promote itself and create a buzz in online communities.

Notably, the awe-inspiring rise of Shiba Memu can be accredited to its untapped AI potential. In its early stages, this AI leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis to scour the web, focusing on social media platforms, for mentions of Shiba Memu. It then crafts promotions tailored to these discoveries, transforming the brand from a simple cute dog meme to one that’s both entertaining and engaging, infused with a keen sense of humour. The project’s forthcoming AI dashboards, scheduled for Q4, are poised to stoke further interest in meme coins that boast tangible utility.

Per the announcement, the iteration of Shiba Memu AI comes as a response to curtail the exorbitant marketing agency fees witnessed by the team. This served as the driving force behind creating a self-promoting AI solution capable of adapting to diverse practical applications, thereby revolutionizing the way cryptocurrencies are marketed.

At its current rate of $0.021700 per token, Shiba Memu’s price witnesses scheduled increments every 24 hours, all thanks to the unique smart contract crafted by the team. This unique mechanism turns heads among presale supporters, as it guarantees that the token purchase price remains lower than the eventual listing price on exchanges. For example, a purchase today at $0.021700 would yield a 10% increase by the end of the 60-day presale period.

Notably, the project’s tokenomics showcase a resilient structure, with 85% of tokens allocated to the presale, 10% dedicated to exchange listing liquidity, and 5% allocated to development. This unique allocation empowers SHMU holders to actively contribute to the future evolution of the dApp actively, fostering a sense of community and involvement.

Nonetheless, with the Shiba Memu presale closing on September 1st, anticipation is building as the price is set to reflect a remarkable 119% increase from its launch value, soaring from $0.011125 to $0.024400.

Crypto Community Recognition Fuels Shiba Memu’s Rise

Shiba Memu’s soaring engagement has garnered attention from various quarters, with influencer CryptoPRNR featuring it among the top four cryptocurrencies poised for success in the next bull run. In addition, Invezz has hailed Shiba Memu as the ultimate meme coin for 2023. These acknowledgements underscore the project’s strategic advancements and AI-driven capabilities, positioning it as a formidable contender in the crypto market. This recognition also reflects the growing enthusiasm within the crypto community for AI-powered projects, propelling Shiba Memu to new heights.

Individuals who desire to venture into Shuba Memu can acquire the SHMU tokens directly from the official Shiba Memu website; emphasis is laid on the early-stage opportunity presented by this innovative coin.

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