AI Wars: Google’s Next-Gen ‘Gemini’ AI Goes Head to Head With ChatGPT 

Tech and search giant Google is ramping up its artificial intelligence (AI) ambitions with its own model, Gemini, which researchers claim “smashes GPT-4.” Moreover, the firm is adding AI tools from companies including to its cloud platform.

Research firm SemiAnalysis has declared that Google’s anticipated Gemini AI model will smash OpenAI’s offering by packing a lot more computing power.

AI Competition Heats Up

However, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman dismissed the claims, implying the data came from Google’s own internal marketing materials.

“Incredible Google got that Semianalysis guy to publish their internal marketing/recruiting chart lol.”

The SemiAnalysis report penned by Dylan Patel and Daniel Nishball on August 28 was titled, “Google Gemini Eats The World – Gemini Smashes GPT-4 By 5X.” 

The analysis was based on Google having access to much better processors and computing power. It has sparked debate on AI forums about whether more computing power translates to better AI performance.

Gemini is a next-generation, multi-modal AI model being worked on by researchers at Google’s AI division DeepMind. It is expected to be released later in 2023. Multi-modal means that it can accept text, video, audio, and pictures and produce both text and images. ChatGPT is just text-based for now and has limitations in accessing the internet. 

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Furthermore, Python programmer and AI enthusiast ‘Teknium’ commented

“I hope someone dethrones OAI, soon. But to say Gemini Smashes GPT-4 by 5x makes it sound like it is 5x better than GPT-4, it’s not, its 5x compute. Not necessarily correlated to quality.”

While OpenAI’s ChatGPT gained attention in 2022, many other tech giants like Google and Meta are developing powerful AI models. Therefore, 2023 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for progress in large language models (LLMs).

However, Google is already facing a class-action lawsuit over alleged misuse of personal consumer data to train its AI models.

Google Cloud Onboards Llama and Claude AIs

Aside from competing, Google is also partnering with companies like Meta and Anthropic to bring their AI models to Google Cloud, according to reports.

Google’s cloud clients will be able to access Meta’s Llama 2 LLM in addition to AI startup Anthropic’s Claude 2 chatbot. They can customize the models with enterprise data for their own apps and services. 

Just like it has monopolized internet search, it wants to position itself as a one-stop shop for cloud customers to access leading generative AI.

The firm is also deepening its partnership with Nvidia for accelerated computing power for developing large AI models.

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