AI’s Use-Case in Crypto: Ethereum’s Issues Solved with AI and eTukTuk’s Blockchain AI Project

Ethereum co-founder sees AI as a solution to network flaws; the eTukTuk project uses AI and blockchain to revolutionise transport with presale now open.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has shared his enthusiasm for AI in helping to identify potential flaws in Ethereum’s codebase, describing it as the “biggest technical risk” to the network.

Buterin’s comments arrive as Ethereum closes in on implementing its Dencun upgrade, which is currently set to launch on March 13. Dencun’s rollout encountered a bug during testing on the Goerli testnet, highlighting the critical importance of addressing technical vulnerabilities in Ethereum’s codebase.

In July 2023, OpenZeppelin conducted experiments using OpenAI’s GPT-4 to identify security issues in Solidity smart contracts. GPT-4 successfully identified vulnerabilities in a significant portion of the challenges.

While Buterin is optimistic about AI’s potential, he has emphasised the need for careful consideration when integrating AI with blockchain technology. A project currently in the works of integrating blockchain with AI is eTukTuk.

eTukTuk’s Blockchain AI Project: A Solution Beyond Profitability

Amidst discussions about AI’s role in enhancing blockchain technology, eTukTuk, a pioneering blockchain project, is leveraging AI to drive innovation in the transportation sector.

With its presale underway, eTukTuk aims to harness the power of blockchain and AI to revolutionise the 3-wheel motor vehicle TukTuk industry while addressing pressing environmental and social challenges.

eTukTuk’s presale, structured with incremental token prices and a hard cap target of $10.7 million, offers an opportunity to support its ambitious roadmap goals. Priced at $0.026, $TUK tokens can be acquired using BNB, USDT, or credit/debit cards, with enticing staking opportunities yielding up to 216% APY.

The project incentivises a diverse community of drivers, charging station hosts, developers and other contributors through $TUK token rewards, aiming to scale its network and drive societal impact rapidly. 

By adopting a multi-chain approach covering BNB Chain and Cardano, eTukTuk promotes accessibility for all participants.

Beyond profitability, eTukTuk seeks to address environmental issues such as emissions reduction and pollution-related illnesses, mainly in Africa and Asia, while also promoting inclusion for unbanked populations. Recognised by Coin Sniper as an upcoming ICO launch to watch, eTukTuk’s innovative approach has garnered significant attention.

Innovative Design and Competitive Advantage

eTukTuk’s streamlined manufacturing process, developed over five years, utilises fewer than 200 locally sourced components, reducing development costs and enhancing driver accessibility. LFP batteries and AI-powered guideline systems further optimise operational efficiency, making eTukTuk vehicles a compelling driver choice.

The project’s ecosystem extends beyond vehicles to encompass charging infrastructure and payment systems managed by Territory Partners. Power Stakers secure the payment network, fostering community-driven sustainability and empowerment on a global scale.

AI Integration and Roadmap

AI integration is central to eTukTuk’s ecosystem, with the eTukTuk Driver App utilising AI to optimise driving routes and minimise battery consumption. By analysing data from applications and partners like PickMe, AI aids in strategic decision-making processes, facilitating the placement of charging stations for optimal coverage.

eTukTuk has already launched operations in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in partnership with the Capital Maharaja Group, leveraging blockchain and AI to transition conventional TukTuks to cleaner, more efficient electric vehicles. As the project gains traction and expands its footprint, it aims to make a significant impact on the transportation sector and beyond.

Users can participate in eTukTuk’s presale, acquiring $TUK tokens with the potential for substantial utility and growth within the crypto market. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, eTukTuk is proving the transformative potential of blockchain technology and AI in addressing real-world challenges.

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