AnonyCard Brings Swiss Privacy to Debit Card Payments with Its ICO

AnonyCard, a 2004-founded business specialising in IT and data analysis for the financial sector, has officially revealed the specifics of its impending ICO. In association with significant Swiss financial service companies, the ICO will support the creation of its 100% crypto bank card.

AnonyCard is a completely privacy-focused service that adheres to Swiss values regarding financial privacy. The company claims that financial privacy is a fundamental human right and that complete anonymity is respected. This service represents a development in innovative, privacy-focused services backed by significant financial institutions.

A Perfect Card for Someone Who Values Privacy

Background analysis of the last five years of crypto-to-fiat payment services for cryptocurrency users has revealed glaring problems for customers, such as demanding levels of KYC, excessive costs, inaccessibility to the average user, and data leaks. These symptoms are frequently caused by overreaching regulatory standards and a method that is not customer-centric, and AnonyCard aims to address these market problems. The first cryptocurrency debit card that is:

  • 100% Crypto.
  • Without KYC.
  • Without Payment Limits.

Additionally, compared to traditional credit/debit card fees, which may be as high as 5%, AnonyCard offers incredibly cheap transaction fees, at a level of 0.1% and a limit of 100USDT. These rates are more in line with trading fees on exchanges. The software will allow for endless user customization, a first for the market, as it was created with user experience and ergonomics in mind.

12 major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, DOGE, TRX, MATIC, AVAX, BUSD, ATOM, and XMR, will be supported by AnonyCard for FIAT payments. The exchange rates for these currencies to your local currency will be applied in real-time via the SNB (Swiss National Bank) for FIAT currencies and MT Pelerin Group SA for cryptocurrencies. AnonyCard will eventually support over a hundred different cryptocurrencies.

Finally, holders of ANCA tokens will get 20% of the income earned by transaction fees distributed by AnonyCard. With the potential for token holders to gain a share of the $525 billion worldwide market for e-commerce payments by 2023, growing by 12%, the opportunities are unmatched. AnonyCard anticipates that the token’s price will rise naturally as a result.

AnonyCard ICO

To support the ecosystem, AnonyCard has just launched its ICO for the ANCA token, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The full details of the ICO can be found below:

  • Token Name: AnonyCard (ANCA)
  • Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 (Unsold tokens will be burned)
  • ICO1 Price: $0,008
  • ICO2 Price: $0.01
  • ICO3 Price: $0.012
  • DEX Listing Price: $0.016
  • Soft Cap: $300,000
  • Hard Cap: $9,400,000

The ICO is still going on and will do so until November 7th. Given the rich tokenomics, the ICO offers investors a sizable potential. Further boosting trust, only 8% of tokens are set aside for the team. For additional information about the ICO, interested parties can visit the website.

AnonyCard has already had a busy year in 2023, building its groundbreaking network and getting ready for the ICO, and the following year also holds some promising developments:

  • Q1 2024
    • Livestream from team & partners live from Geneva on Twitch & Youtube

    • Launch of ANCA trading on Uniswap
    • AnonyCard App teaser
  • Q2 2024
    • AnonyCard bank card sale
    • First large marketing push
  • Q2 -Q4 2024
    • Development of the AnonyCard app
    • Second large marketing push
    • Livestreamed annual report live from Geneva on Twitch & Youtube.

Visit the website to learn more about AnonyCard or to participate in the ICO.

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