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New artificial intelligence (AI) focused crypto InQubeta ($QUBE) has emerged as one of the best altcoins to invest in as early investors double their capital during the early stages of its presale. Newcomers still get to 3x their capital before the event closes and tokens are released on exchanges.

$QUBE’s growth potential is already being compared to Bitcoin ($BTC), which is excellent news for investors given the exponential growth $BTC prices have enjoyed in the last 12 years. $BTC is still expected to enjoy substantial growth in the coming years and an anonymous InvestAnswers host recently predicted that prices could rise 3,200% by 2028. This means $BTC, which is currently trading around the $27k mark, could be worth almost a million dollars in the next five years.

A growing number of investors pick InQubeta ($QUBE) as the best altcoin to invest in

Factors like InQubeta’s plan to help advance AI by getting capital to startups while providing an easier way for investors to purchase part ownership of these firms and the token supply being capped at 1.5 billion set it up for long-term success.

The AI industry is on course to revolutionize what life on planet Earth looks like as the technology’s viability improves and AI-powered products and services play a larger role in society. Self-driving taxi cabs are now a reality, while AI software like ChatGPT are increasingly being used in many industries.

The expanding use of AI will cause massive disruptions worldwide as many jobs are lost to automation and governments restructure how they operate. The technology will also create investment opportunities that offer tremendous returns. Investors can ride the AI technological wave by investing in startups that might end up being major players in the AI sphere in a couple of years.

A new approach to AI investments

Companies fundraise on the InQubeta network by developing non-fungible tokens that represent investment opportunities. Think of these ERC20 coins as InQubeta’s alternative to stocks since they perform similar functions. These tokens represent part ownership of the firms behind them and are fractionalized so investors can buy small portions of them.

NFTs that pass InQubeta’s review are added to the ERC20 token list and investors use the network’s native token, $QUBE, to purchase them. These tokens rise in value as the firms behind them increase their market capitalizations. Some offer further incentives like a share of profits or discounts on items developed.

The worth of tokens purchased on the NFT marketplace can be viewed in each investor’s InQubeta accounts and tokens can be traded at any time.

Analyst predicts Bitcoin ($BTC) to soar 3,200% with spot ETF approval

A popular anonymous host on the InvestAnswers platform recently made a bold prediction that Bitcoin prices could surge exponentially if one of the pending spot ETF applications is approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The host’s theory is that a spot Bitcoin ETF being approved would lead to unprecedented investments for major Wall Street players, increasing demand for $BTC.

Major players on Wall Street like Franklin Templeton, Nomura, BlackRock, Deutsche Bank, Citadel, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity Investments currently control over $25 trillion in assets. Compare that to $BTC’s current market cap of $528 billion and it’s clear the total invested in Bitcoin today is nothing compared to the capital these financial behemoths could direct into the cryptocurrency space even if they only use 5% of the assets they control.

As far as spot Bitcoin ETF applications are concerned, a high-ranking executive at BlackRock recently stated they expect to get approved in the next three to six months.


$QUBE and $BTC are two of the best altcoins to invest in as both tokens have the potential to enjoy tremendous price surges in the coming years. $QUBE is projected to grow 100x once launched on exchanges and $BTC’s 32x predictions aren’t too shabby either.

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