Binance Finalizes Maverick Protocol Integration on BNB Smart Chain

Key Takeaways

Binance completes integration of Maverick Protocol on BNB Smart Chain.

Deposits and withdrawals for MAV tokens are now enabled.

Users can locate their MAV deposit address on the Binance platform.

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that it has successfully integrated Maverick Protocol (MAV) into its BNB Smart Chain. The integration allows for deposits and withdrawals of MAV tokens on the BNB Smart Chain, which operates on the BEP20 standard.

What is Maverick Protocol?

Maverick Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure designed to optimize liquidity for traders, liquidity providers, DAO treasuries, and developers. It is powered by Maverick AMM, the first Dynamic Distribution AMM in the DeFi space. The protocol aims to maximize capital efficiency by automating the concentration of liquidity as prices fluctuate. This feature not only offers better prices for traders but also reduces gas fees for liquidity providers.

Details of the Integration

According to an official statement released by Binance, the integration process has been finalized, and users can now perform deposits and withdrawals of Maverick Protocol (MAV) tokens. The tokens will be supported on the BNB Smart Chain, which is built on the BEP20 token standard.

The announcement specifies that users can find their “assigned Maverick Protocol (MAV) deposit address on BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) within the Deposit Crypto page” on the Binance platform. Additionally, the smart contract address for Maverick Protocol on the BNB Smart Chain is made available, although the exact address was not disclosed in the announcement.

Implications for Users and the Ecosystem

The integration of Maverick Protocol into the BNB Smart Chain could potentially offer more liquidity and utility for MAV tokens. It also expands the range of assets supported on Binance’s native blockchain, thereby enhancing its ecosystem. (Read more on Blockchain.News exclusive interview with BNB Smart Chain)


Today’s integration marks a notable development in the ongoing expansion of assets supported by the BNB Smart Chain. As deposits and withdrawals for Maverick Protocol are now enabled, users have more options for asset management on the Binance platform. 

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