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Investors are preparing for a potentially bearish September for Bitcoin as experts are predicting the largest cryptocurrency to dip to the $20,000 price level. 

As a result, BTC clones are seeing surging demand, with the exciting new Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) token emerging as a top-rated choice on platforms like ICO Bench. 

Fastest Growing Bitcoin Alternative

The Bitcoin BSC presale is off to a strong start and has already crossed the $125K milestone in less than 2 days. 

Investors are feeling tremendous FOMO to grab this Bitcoin alternative at BTC’s 2011 price of just $0.99. 

The fact that $BTCBSC is fast, cheap and eco-friendly and offers high staking rewards makes it that much more attractive in the eyes of retail investors. 

Earn High Staking Rewards Every 10 Minutes

Bitcoin BSC’s flagship feature is its on-chain stake-to-earn mechanism, which presents an opportunity for retail investors to generate attractive passive income. 

Indeed, the $BTCBSC staking pool is currently offering a reward of 0.25 tokens per block, which translates to a staggering 3482% APY for holders. As a result, despite the presale being live for less than 2 days, over 75K $BTCBSC tokens have already been staked.

However, as the number of tokens in the pool increases, the APY% will decrease proportionately. This means that interested investors need to act quickly and stake their tokens immediately to reap maximum benefits – individual rewards will be directly proportional to the holder’s share in the staking pool. 

The staking mechanism is tied to Bitcoin’s block creation schedule, which means investors will earn their rewards every 10 minutes. This encourages them to hold their tokens for longer periods of time, preventing a potential pump-and-dump scenario for the token after its launch. 

More importantly, it provides them with an additional income avenue that is independent of the broader market outlook.

69% of the entire token supply will be distributed as staking rewards over a 120-year period – this long-term strategy signifies the developer team’s commitment towards the Bitcoin BSC project. 

Bitcoin BSC: The Eco-Friendly Alternative To BTC

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world, however, not all of its fame is positive. The largest cryptocurrency has long been in the crosshairs of environmental activists and lawmakers due to its obscene energy usage. Some EU lawmakers proposed banning BTC mining altogether. 

However, the Bitcoin BSC token uses the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which is cleaner and more eco-friendly than Bitcoin’s proof-of-work. For example, when Ethereum changed its consensus mechanism from PoW to PoS, its energy consumption dropped by 99.5%. 

Bitcoin BSC also provides faster and cheaper transactions compared to Bitcoin – while $BTCBSC completes its transactions in less than 5 seconds with negligible additional fees, BTC requires 10 minutes to achieve finality and can cost up to $10 in fees. Even Bitcoin Cash, which is a hard fork for the original Bitcoin chain, requires close to 10 minutes to complete transactions. 

The $BTCBSC token is built on the BNB Smart Chain, which provides a high degree of flexibility and a bustling Web3 ecosystem. Due to the token’s BEP-20 design, it is also compatible with existing crypto wallets like MetaMark and Trust Wallet, making it easier for beginners to trade and store it. 

The project has also prioritised offering secure asset management – the token smart contract was recently audited by security firm Coinsult, which revealed no risks to investors’ funds. 

Recreate Bitcoin’s 2011 Rally With A Crypto Presale

Bitcoin is currently trading at $25.7K and is expected to display more bearish movement in the coming weeks, resulting in investors dumping their BTC holdings. However, there was a time in 2011 when it was trading below the $1 mark and turned out to be the investment of a lifetime for those who were lucky enough to get in.

Now, the Bitcoin BSC project is turning back the clock to offer a second chance to those who missed out on BTC’s meteoric rise. The $BTCBSC token is designed to represent the state of the Bitcoin blockchain in 2011 – it is priced at just $0.99 and has a total supply of 21 million. 

This kind of “Meta Version 2.0” themed tokens such as BTC 20 and BTC 2.0 have displayed stellar performances after launch, especially as Bitcoin continues to struggle heavily. 

Experts believe that Bitcoin BSC will take full advantage of this trend, with popular crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury predicting a 10x bull rally after launch. 

However, investors have limited opportunity to take advantage of this explosive price action – the Bitcoin BSC ICO has a hard cap of $6.063 Million. 

Interested buyers have a limited time to acquire the stake to earn token at by swapping ETH, BNB or USDT tokens in exchange for it. 

Buy using BNB or BEP-20 USDT in order to take advantage of staking immediately. Purchases using ETH or ERC-20 USDT will only be eligible to stake following the platform’s launch after the presale concludes.

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