Bitcoin, Ethereum to Explode: Arthur Hayes Trolls Community With Bold BTC, ETH Price Predictions

The cocreator of the BitMex crypto exchange and CIO of the Maelstrom family office, Arthur Hayes, has told the community about his recent trip to Rapa Nui (better known as Easter Island).

“Bitcoin to $1 million, Ethereum – to $100,000”

This seems like a partly joking X post since Hayes said that “the ancestors in Rapa Nui” tipped him off about when the bull market would finally arrive. Hayes is not known to have any roots there.

The time is now, they allegedly told him, as the bull market started. Who knows whether Hayes (former CEO of BitMex) indeed believes that Bitcoin and Ethereum can reach these price levels or was just trolling his followers, but he wrote that Bitcoin will reach $1 million and Ethereum will surge to hit $100,000.

Hayes frequently shares his expectations of Bitcoin soaring to $1 million in the future.

Earlier today, Hayes shared an ETH/USD chart from BitMex as the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum briefly soared above the 2,100 level, thus attracting attention to ETH’s rise.

Bitcoin surpassing $37,000 briefly, almost hits $38,000

On Thursday, Nov. 9, the world’s leading digital currency Bitcoin briefly surged above the $37,000 level, almost hitting $38,000. That price jump took place for the first time over the past 18 months.

The staggering growth of 5.69% in less than a day (and the addition of $2,000 to the price) was attributed to Bloomberg analysts expecting the U.S. regulator, the SEC, to face a “brief window” for giving the green light to 12 Bitcoin spot ETFs, including those of BlackRock and Grayscale for 12 days, starting on Thursday.

Another analyst of Bloomberg, James Seyffart, shared that he expected the regulator to approve the first BTC ETF by early January and said that there was a 90% probability of that.

Ethereum followed Bitcoin’s growth soaring to the $2,133 level. By now, both leading cryptos have lost momentum. Bitcoin is trading at $36,943, and Ethereum is exchanging hands at $2,071.

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