Bitcoin Options Market Heats Up


  • Understanding Bitcoin options trading
  • The current market sentiment 

The Bitcoin options market is witnessing a significant surge in activity. A recent notable event in this space was a Bitcoin butterfly spread trade with a notional value of $20 million, according to 

The trader is seeking to capitalize on a slight decrease in Bitcoin’s price before March 29, aiming for a maximum profit at the $47,000 mark. This shows a cautious yet opportunistic outlook among large-scale investors or “whales.” 

Understanding Bitcoin options trading

Bitcoin options are a type of derivative contract that gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell Bitcoin at a predetermined price, known as the strike price, before a specified date. 

This recent $20 million butterfly spread involves buying and selling options with three different strike prices, in a strategy aiming to profit from a narrow price range around $47,000.

A butterfly spread is a sophisticated options trading strategy that involves the use of multiple options contracts to bet on the volatility of an asset’s price, typically with limited risk. It’s designed to provide a profit if the underlying asset, like Bitcoin, stays within a specific price range by the expiration date of the options. The strategy combines both bullish and bearish outlooks.

It’s a sophisticated approach that includes a short position on implied volatility, implying a bet against significant price swings. 

The current market sentiment 

The latest data from CoinGass paints a detailed picture of the current sentiment in the Bitcoin options market. With calls (options to buy) constituting 63.55% of the open interest compared to puts (options to sell) at 36.45%, there’s a noticeable lean towards a bullish outlook among traders. 

However, the volume in the last 24 hours shows a more balanced picture, with calls making up 51.82% and puts at 48.18%.

According to the latest CoinGecko data, Bitcoin is currently trading at $51,936.48, with its market cap exceeding $1 trillion.  

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