Bitget Wallet makes Ethereum staking affordable and efficient: subsidy for zero gas fee

Important news from Bitget Wallet, which recently introduced and made Ethereum staking more accessible and efficient, with a maximum return of 10% and zero gas rate via subsidy. Let’s see all the details below. 

Ethereum staking simplified with Bitget Wallet

As anticipated, Bitget Wallet, formerly known as BitKeep and a leader in the field of Web3 wallets, recently announced the launch of its long-awaited Ethereum staking service. 

This new feature offers users the opportunity to earn substantial returns, ranging from 4% to 8%, and even achieve rates of return of up to 10% during subsidy periods, all without gas costs.

This innovative addition is part of BitKeep’s evolution to Bitget Wallet, highlighting the platform’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience and offering cutting-edge financial solutions.

The ETH staking service offered by Bitget Wallet leverages the power of the protocol, enabling users to easily participate in Ethereum‘s Proof-of-Stake (PoS). 

Through the ETH staking process, users actively contribute to the security and decentralization of the Ethereum network, all while delivering attractive rewards.

In addition, one of the most beneficial features of Bitget Wallet’s ETH staking service is its ability to enhance the overall user experience. This is made possible through a smooth and intuitive user interface without sacrificing significant returns. 

This aspect distinguishes the service from other staking offerings, as it focuses on a simplified user experience

The entry threshold is lowered due to the elimination of the minimum deposit requirement in ETH and the ability to trade any token with stETH, allowing broader participation.

ETH staking on Bitget Wallet: attractive returns and unparalleled user experience

Returns generated range from 4% to 8%, depending on the amount of ETH staked. In addition, users have the convenience of monitoring real-time rates of return and profit history, thus optimizing the management of their investments. 

Last but not least, during subsidy periods, users can benefit from staking without gas costs and enjoy an impressive 10% APY. This provides an additional incentive to take full advantage of this financial opportunity offered by Bitget Wallet.

Unlike traditional staking platforms, Bitget Wallet offers earnings linked to ETH rather than the commonly used USDT rewards. 

This particular strategy not only enriches the offering for users, but also aligns with the platform’s commitment to offering innovative services and beneficial solutions.

Bitget Wallet is also committed to democratizing the staking process. During standard periods (with an APY between 4% and 8%), there is no minimum deposit requirement. 

However, during facilitated phases (with an APY up to 10%), a minimum deposit of 0.01 ETH is required. This arrangement ensures that both individual users and institutional investors can easily participate and receive daily rewards. 

In addition, Bitget Wallet simplifies the acquisition of stETH tokens by allowing users to trade any Ethereum-based token and other blockchains on its Bitget Swap platform.

Creating an unparalleled user experience is a top priority for Bitget Wallet. 

The platform offers an intuitive interface where users can monitor real-time rates of return, calculate potential gains, and redeem rewards at any time. 

This process is designed to provide users with the information they need to make informed decisions about their investments.

Some statements regarding Bitget’s latest news 

Moka, COO of Bitget Wallet, said the following about the process: 

“We’re excited to nurture participation in Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol for all users, ensuring that it is both user-friendly and cost-effective for them to do so. 

We worked towards our primary objectives of lowering the barriers of entry, refining the product’s usability, enabling compatibility with a greater diversity of tokens besides ETH, and providing real-time yield tracking for enhanced user experience, and we are happy to share that we have achieved just that.”

Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, also said the following: 

“The addition of ETH staking builds on Bitget Wallet’s rebranding to ‘Faster Trading, Better Assets,’ highlighting our focus on faster transactions, expanded utility, and enabling access to more assets and protocols.

Meanwhile, this new feature aligns with our recent rebranding to ‘Trade Smarter’ with Bitget exchange, which emphasizes intuitive products and impactful trading tools that help users make the most of their crypto investments.”

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