Bumper’s $20 Million Attempt to Undercut Deribit Crypto Options Launches on September 7, 2023

The crypto options killer from Bumper, a decentralized finance (DeFi) technology, was released today. The equation that drives the protocol claims to outperform conventional Black-Scholes option desks by a factor of ten, undercutting market leader Deribit by an average of thirty percent and poised to upend a $13 trillion market.

The development of Bumper is the result of a three-year research and development program supported by $20 million in early funding and collaboration with the Swiss Center for Cryptoeconomics, known for its work on Synthetix. It was also developed by renowned programmers Digital Mob, who previously worked on protocols like Barnbridge, Gnosis, and Filecoin.

The result is a protocol that offers a third lower price than conventional options desks while paying liquidity providers (LPs) who supply the protocol with USDC between 3 and 18% APR. Early protocol adopters will also be eligible for $250,000 in incentives, which they can receive by protecting their ETH or profiting on their USDC.

“Bumper removes the downside volatility of a user’s crypto tokens, paving the way for them to take leveraged positions with zero-liquidation risk. That in itself is a major breakthrough, but when you consider it’s on average 30% cheaper than the market leader, the value proposition becomes crystal clear,” says Bumper’s Co-founder and CEO, Jonathan DeCarteret.

Based on a mix of market conditions, protocol rebalancing, and proximity to the user’s floor, the protocol assesses a premium determined progressively throughout the period. As a result, liquidity providers receive real yields and average returns of 3–18% APR without selling option contracts.

Until now, the $13 trillion options market has been supported by the Black-Scholes model, which has been used to calculate the price for hedging risk for fifty years.

Bumper has been implemented on the Ethereum mainnet and is already accepting deposits in ETH and USDC. The protocol will soon also support more ERC-20 tokens and more chains.

Visit bumper.fi for additional details about Bumper, including their early user prizes and incentives for users of the competing DeFi choices protocol.

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