C98 News: Coin98 Ventures Rebrands to Arche Fund for Web3 Focus

Coin98 Ventures, originally established in 2021 as the venture arm of Vietnam-based Coin98 Finance, announced a comprehensive rebranding to Arche Fund on August 31, 2023. The move is intended to refocus the firm’s efforts on supporting emerging ideas and businesses shaping the future of the Web3 ecosystem.

A Multi-Tiered Strategy for Web3 Support

The rebrand comes with a revamped operational framework geared toward enhancing the precision of the firm’s investment model and widening the scope of its strategic backing. Established less than three years ago, Coin98 Ventures already has a notable investment record, including a collaboration with the Solana Foundation and investments in over 30 Web3 companies and protocols since 2021.

According to the firm’s official announcement, the newly rebranded Arche Fund will operate around three foundational pillars:

  1. Arche Ventures: A venture capital division focused on early-stage Web3 projects.
  2. Kompass: A Web3-specific acceleration program aimed at guiding nascent Web3 enterprises throughout their development.
  3. Arche Capital: A dedicated source of funding for groundbreaking ideas in the Web3 space.

The fund vows to offer robust financial backing and essential resources, tailored to meet the specific needs of each project.

From Coin98 Ventures to Arche Fund: A Record of Investment

Before its transformation, Coin98 Ventures had an established track record that included a $5 million investment fund in collaboration with the Solana Foundation. The firm’s portfolio also included Web3 projects such as GuildFi, Magic Eden, and Aura Network.

Unveiling the Vision Behind Arche Fund

Inspired by Greek philosophy, Arche—pronounced /a-ki/—signifies the ‘First Principle.’ The name aims to convey the firm’s intent to become a “trustworthy cornerstone for Web3 Builders,” as outlined in the announcement.

Arche Fund’s mission goes beyond mere capital investment. It aims to provide a holistic range of support services that can be customized based on the needs of individual projects. “Depending upon the specific requirements, stage, and scale of the Web3 project, we at Arche provide consultation to choose the most appropriate pillar,” according to the firm’s statement.

The Future of Arche Fund

Arche Fund has committed to fostering mass adoption of Web3 technologies. The rebranded firm envisions its role as an influential participant in the growing Web3 ecosystem, rather than as a controlling entity. “Instead of control, our approach revolves around uplifting ideas and upholding the core values of each project,” the firm clarified in the announcement.

With this comprehensive rebranding and strategic refocus, Arche Fund aims to solidify its position as a key player in the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem.

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