Cardano (ADA) Needs Three Types of dApps: Hackathon Winner

Vladislav Sopov

Team of Swiper, sport social application that recently won EMURGO’s hackathon, highlighted key areas Cardano (ADA) needs to focus on to stay competitive

Decentralized social media application Swiper, which unites sports enthusiasts across the globe, scored a major win in EMURGO’s recent hackathon in the aggregator track. Its representatives held Q&A sessions with the EMURGO team to cover the prospects of development on Cardano (ADA).

EMURGO BUILD 2023 winner Swiper shares “imperative” for Cardano (ADA)

While Cardano (ADA) has already established a presence in the blockchain space, it is imperative  for the second largest PoS platform to infuse new, trending projects. Zero-knowledge tech, implementations of artificial intelligence (AI) and SocialFi apps should be among its key focus segments.

Such a statement was made by the representatives of Swiper, a cryptocurrency-centric SocialFi app that recently became a winner of EMURGO BUILD 2023 hackathon for Cardano-based projects.

The Swiper team is excited about EMURGO’s dedication and aspirations to introduce innovative and essential solutions that are viable for Cardano (ADA), and it highly praises its own hackathon experience:

The standout benefits of this Hackathon encompass comprehensive informational resources, a supportive organizing team, and a well-structured professional framework. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the notable challenges, notably the heightened level of competition and the exacting standards of the judging panel.

The potential mainnet launch on the top of Cardano (ADA), the Swiper team added, might result in hundreds of thousands of new users joining the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem of dApps.

Voting campaign for Project Catalyst Fund 10 project underway

As of early Q4, 2023, the team of Swiper is busy preparing for the launch of its testnet version on Cardano (ADA). Seventy percent of the hackathon prize will be allocated to tech development goals.

Meanwhile, all enthusiasts of early-stage dApps on Cardano (ADA) can now take part in the referendum process to choose the winners of Project Catalyst Fund 10, an upcoming iteration of Cardano’s (ADA) largest hackathon.

The results of this phase will be announced on Sept. 21, 2023, Input Output Global’s announcement says.

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