Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Invites OpenAI’s Ousted CEO Sam Altman to Build Decentralized LLM

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Invites OpenAI’s Ousted CEO Sam Altman to Build Decentralized LLM

The initial team that founded OpenAI Inc, an American artificial intelligence (AI) research organization, has slowly been moving away and starting new competitive projects. In the latest San Francisco tech saga, the OpenAI board has been cited to disagree with former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sam Altman among other top executives. As a result, Altman was forcefully removed from the CEO position last Friday leading to other employees resigning in solidarity.

The actions at OpenAI have sent shockwaves among the AI enthusiasts leaving the company’s board at a crucial crossroads. Moreover, Altman shared a photo on the X platform while at the OpenAI headquarters on Sunday following a heated discussion with the company’s board. Notably, while the board is divided on Altman’s return, the former CEO has indicated that he is not willing to work there unless the entire board is dissolved.

Cardano’s Hoskinson Believes in Altman’s Skills on Decentralized LLM

While Altman has not issued the next move in his career, Cardano (ADA) co-founder Charles Hoskinson has offered him a chance to work with the top-rated smart contract blockchain. Notably, Hoskinson offered Altman a chance to build a decentralized large language model (LLM) for the Cardano ecosystem. The announcement has attracted notable attention from the Cardano community as the partnership could be a game changer if Altman agreed to the offer.

Hoskinson highlighted that generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to unlock the creativity and imagination of millions of artists geared to inspire a new generation of artwork. Moreover, blockchain technology has unlocked significant untapped value from people around the world who were marginalized by the Western financial system.

If Altman agrees to the offer, the Cardano blockchain could significantly benefit from the expertise of building a large language model for its generative AI, hence a competitive advantage. Notably, other blockchain projects led by Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) have attempted to build generative AI to keep their respective communities engaged. As a result, the Cardano network could significantly benefit from more users and liquidity if Altman agreed to the offer.

Market Picture

The Cardano network has grown to a mature blockchain ecosystem with a total value locked of around $255 million. Notably, the Cardano ecosystem has continued to attract more investors during the 2022 crypto bear market as shown by its exponential growth in ADA locked to an all-time high of around 666 million units as of this reporting.

The Cardano core developers have continued to build proper infrastructure to enable seamless mainstream adoption of its decentralized projects.

For instance, the IOHG team recently highlighted that the Hydra Head project, an independent scaling solution for the Cardano mainnet without enabling a hard fork, is ready for adoption.


Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Invites OpenAI’s Ousted CEO Sam Altman to Build Decentralized LLM

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