Cardano’s Hoskinson Offers Grants Worth 15k USD To Further Promote ADA Publicity

In a bid to further publicize the Cardano platform, the founder of the platform, Charles Hoskinson, has proposed to offer the ecosystem a grant of about $15k for the creation of more podcasts.

He swung into taking this decision after he had listened to “The Cardano Effect” podcast. The proposed podcasts would however serve as a medium of disseminating diverse roles and information about Cardano to its users and intending community which would further enlighten their mind about the network.

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As a way of ensuring a fast implementation of Hoskinson’s proposed podcast project, he gave some terms and conditions as to its building.

He says it would be a good idea if one podcast can be made for the sake of developing assets, Dapps, and all kinds of functional programming. He prefers that it looks like an ‘all about Marlowe and Plutus.

Furthering, CEO, IOHK says, the project would first undergo the “Defined Contribution” funding program which will enable users to air their view about it.

“I’m prepared to pay for this (the podcasts). So if anyone wants to do one of these, I’ll put aside $15,000 for each (of the podcasts), as a grant to get a podcast ready to go. With the condition (…) up to $15,000 if paid for by the DC fund. If you are willing to go through the DC fund process and get up to $15,000 from the DC fund, I will match it (…).”

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Meanwhile, ADA’s CEO made clear the fact that the proposed podcasts will not serve as a replacement for the Cardano Effect, rather, it would complement it.

He further stated that if more specialized formats are added to these envisaged podcasts, it would be an added advantage to the firm.

He emphasized that the “Floss Weekly”, happens to be one of his most cherished programs for carrying out open-source presentations.

Hoskinson envisions that the invention of the podcasts will add huge value to Cardano, hence, speeding up its growth, also, according to him, big things as Prometheus theorized, has small beginnings, hence, ADA will advance.

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