Cardano’s IOHK Rebrands, Enters Final Stages of a Large Government Contract – NewsLogical

In a bid to reach the world better with a preferable brand name, the company backing Cardano blockchain Technology, formerly known as Input and Output Hong Kong (IOHK), has been renamed to Input and Output Global (IOG), a Cardano ambassador, Zyroxa Fabian, confirms.

The rebranding was also acknowledged by the company’s Director of African Operations (DAO), John O’Connor, who tagged himself the DAO of IOG during an interview on February 6.

John at the interview announced that IOG has reached the final stages of a big contract with an African government. The contract is expected to open Cardano blockchain to multimillion users when completed.

The contract would offer an improvement of about 10x in real-world terms what is being found in the area now, and multimillion users would be onboarded in the Cardano blockchain network, the African director said.

John clarified that the project involves some other countries in the continent and not Ethiopia alone, hence it requires a very lengthy process to get everything done.

John O’Connor in his statement thinks every process should have been completed by the end of February, and Cardano can make a public announcement. He hopes that the development would be released in the monthly update of the company.

The CEO of IOG, Charles Hoskinson, has always boasted that Cardano would help developed Africa and some other developing continents with the decentralized technology.

According to John O’Connor, the project will focus on offering a decentralized identity solution built on Cardano blockchain – Atala PRISM. Atala PRISM let people have their personal data under control securely and allows them to interact with several organizations in a seamless way.

While blockchain remains a nascent technology, John said the project would offer the largest “real word use case” in the blockchain industry, adding that it would be the largest blockchain deployment ever done in the history of the industry.

Cardano blockchain hopes to coast Africa by offering real-world use case that would help develop the continent. For some time now, there have been talks between Cardano team and the Ethiopian Government. With the latest declaration, exciting news seems to be underway for the community

As stated by John, the project Cardano is implementing in Ethiopia and Tanzania is close to completion. Furthermore, Cardano would be moving to other African countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya to also do something great there.

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