Charles Hoskinson Plans to Build Open Protocols That will Eat Apple’s Lunch – NewsLogical

The CEO of IOHK and founder of Cardano blockchain technology, Charles Hoskinson, has responded to the suspension of Parler, a free speech social media platform, from Google Play store and a similar threat from Apple.

The CEO expressed concern over action. He explained that it is somewhat a misuse of power by Google and Apple, and a monopolization attempt. To mitigate this, Hoskinson said he plans to build a platform that will compete with Apple heavily and become formidable.

He stated that Apple is only abusing its platform and destroying free speech and this action would make cryptocurrency greater.

“Thank you Apple for making cryptocurrencies even greater. Please continue to abuse your platform and Destroy free speech. I cannot wait to build open protocols that will eat your lunch,” the great mathematician expressed.

Before the suspension of the free speech platform from Google, a similar event happened on Facebook and Twitter. After numerous clampdowns on the US President Donald Trump’s statements on the platform, Facebook and Twitter have finally suspended his accounts.

The two social media platforms claimed they took the action in order to checkmate the outgoing president’s violent speeches.

Although President Trump is not a user of Parler platform, Parler was suspended from Google Play Store for not removing “egregious content” from its platform.

However, Charles Hoskinson, addressed Apple’s treat, among others, as an abuse of power, adding that there is a great need for decentralization and freedom of speech.

The Cardano investor emphasized the importance of information in this age, describing it as the “oil of the 21st century.” Hoskinson said putting the control in the hands of a few or single entity would make the world moribund.

The control in the hands of big platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple, among others, influences what we see, think of and our expression, he said, adding that there is an urgent need for a decentralized platform.

Hoskinson praised the role cryptocurrency is playing in the finance industry by giving people the freedom they need and deserve. While people cannot trust government and financial regulators due to centralization, the cryptocurrency industry would continue to grow over the next decade.

Also the co-founder of Ethereum, Hoskinson said the liberation of information from the gatekeepers that prevents freedom of speech is pertinent, and protocols that would prevent people from being de-platformed or censored would be a great resolution.

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