Chinese Chatbots Get Beijing Approval

Baidu and the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, have launched artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots after receiving permission from the Chinese government.

According to the Financial Times, Beijing is finally granting approvals to AI companies to launch their chatbots for the masses. 

TikTok Parent ByteDance Launches Doubao AI Chatbot

Companies like ByteDance are leading the race of AI chatbot development in China, as it has allocated numerous teams to work on generative AI. Finally, it has launched the chatbot Doubao.

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Its subsidiary TikTok has been facing the wrath of regulators in numerous countries due to privacy concerns. The US, Europe, and Canada are considering banning TikTok due to concerns about giving away sensitive data to China.

And India banned TikTok in the second half of 2020 due to the same concerns.

China Lagging Behind US in AI Race?

Now, Baidu, ByteDance, and other Chinese AI companies are preparing to compete with American AI giants like Google and OpenAI.

Tech analyst Boris Van believes China allowed the public rollouts of AI chatbots as it has been losing against its US counterparts. He said:

“China is under pressure to make these models public. Every day they are not open to the public, they are losing out to the US companies.

The US companies keep building new versions of the models and pushing forward their algorithms. This can only take place if a lot of people are using the models.”

It was reported in June 2023 that the US wants to restrict the exports of AI chips to China. The AI companies require the chips to train their models.

In August, the US government passed the orders to ban private equity and venture capital firms from investing in China’s quantum computing, advanced chips, and AI companies.

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