Coinbase Stand with Crypto Campaign Unveils First Presidential Forum

Coinbase Stand with Crypto Campaign Unveils First Presidential Forum

The “Stand With Crypto” campaign, introduced last year by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, is set to host its first presidential forum with 2024 presidential aspirants to discuss digital assets and blockchain-related issues.

In an announcement on X, formerly Twitter, the crypto advocacy group said the free-to-attend event will be held in New Hampshire on Monday, December 11.

Donald Trump Invited to ‘Stand with Crypto’ Event

Stand With Crypto disclosed on its website that the event would feature the presence of Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson, currently serving as the 46th governor of Arkansas.

Additionally, Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and Democratic candidate Dean Phillips are scheduled to attend the crypto presidential forum next week.

The crypto advocacy group has also extended invitations to former United States President Donald Trump, presidential aspirant Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and his former opponent Doug Burgum, who recently withdrew from the 2024 presidential race.

Other invited guests include Republicans Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie.

The group is urging other Americans, especially the crypto community in New Hampshire, to attend the event and hear directly from each presidential candidate about their opinions on crypto and blockchain technology ahead of the January 23 first presidential primaries, which will be held in New Hampshire.

Advocating for Industry Regulations

However, Stand With Crypto emphasized that the discussion at the event would not be confined to the crypto economy but would extend to a range of other topics.

According to the statement, the crypto presidential forum will help the digital asset community in the New Hemisphere determine which of the presidential candidates to support and vote for during the January primaries before the main election in November.

“This special opportunity allows you to hear from each presidential candidate and will provide candidates with a venue to address the crypto and blockchain community in New Hampshire. The topics will not be limited to crypto-specific issues. Instead, this forum is designed to enable candidates to address the crypto and blockchain community on a range of policies in advance of the New Hampshire Primary,” said Stand With Crypto.

Meanwhile, Stand with Crypto is one of many digital asset advocacy groups that champion for clear, common-sense regulations for the crypto industry.

The group was launched in March 2022 following the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulators’ crackdown on the crypto industry.

Coinbase said during the launch that the crypto industry has reached a critical point where decisions made by policymakers and financial regulators in America could impact how the community can interact with the industry in the future. Therefore the lawmakers need to get it right, hence the introduction of the crypto initiative.


Coinbase Stand with Crypto Campaign Unveils First Presidential Forum

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