CoinStats’ New Feature ‘Chain Activity’ Makes It Easy To Track Airdrop Activities Across Chains

CoinStats, a trusted portfolio manager, is excited to announce its new feature, Chain Activity, created to allow users to keep tabs on their wallet activities.

According to the team, the new feature focuses on chains with potential airdrops. Recently, the crypto market has seen a significant surge in crypto airdrops. With the new feature, CoinStats hopes to help its users get the latest news on upcoming airdrops.

CoinStats’ Chain Activity allows users to know their rank compared to others engaged in airdrop farming. The feature is designed with a scoring mechanism capping at 100 points. Participants are awarded points based on their activities. Chain Activity displays the score and top percentile ranking, giving users a picture of overall wallet engagement.

Another benefit of the new feature is that it allows users to monitor their transaction patterns. Users can now get the exact count of all transactions they make using their wallets. In addition to transaction records, the feature has made it easier for users to view their total trading volume and total fees spent across a specific chain.

Additionally, Chain Activity allows users to view the last activity, including the last active time. Users can view data over days, weeks, and months, depending on their needs. This access notably makes it easier for users to view their overall engagement and learn from past mistakes comprehensively. Reportedly, the new feature is an invaluable asset for users engaged in airdrop farming on Starknet, zkSync, Polygon zkEVM chains, and more.

CoinStats is an all-in-one platform for managing users’ crypto DeFi and NFT assets. The platform lets users connect their entire portfolio to track, buy, swap, and stake their assets. Founded in 2017 by Narek Gevorgyan, CoinStats has helped more than 1 million active users track their DeFi, crypto, and NFT assets in real-time every month.

The platform aims to empower users to manage their crypto portfolios efficiently through an easy-to-use platform. CoinStats allows users to track their assets by connecting over 70 blockchains, over 300 wallets and exchanges, and 1000 DeFi protocols. To date, CoinStats has managed over $100m worth of assets.

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