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Cosmoverse, the largest conference focusing on the Cosmos ecosystem and interoperability, is returning for its third year and is heading to Istanbul from October 2 – 4, 2023. The conference aims to build on last year by connecting the Cosmos community to other ecosystems to increase synergy between different networks.

We’re excited to bring Cosmoverse to the Turkish community, home to one of the largest crypto markets in the world. We want to take this opportunity to educate on the technological innovations of the Cosmos ecosystem, particularly in fostering a collaborative environment for cross-chain activity. Cosmos has a diverse community which contributes to the innovative nature of all the projects involved. Cosmoverse is about celebrating how far we’ve come and showcasing what we’re building next,”

says Juri Maibaum, Co-Founder of Cosmoverse.

Cosmoverse has a history of being hosted in cities that are full of opportunity, with communities that can bring value to the Cosmos ecosystem. Türkiye has become a hub of cryptocurrency adoption, ranking 12th in the Global Crypto Adoption Index by Chainalysis.

The growth, development, and diversity of the Turkish crypto community reflect the core tenets of the Cosmos ecosystem. The recent launch of Replicated Security and the subsequent emergence of the ATOM Economic Zone are significant milestones that are transforming the Cosmos Hub’s security architecture. Investment in the ecosystem has remained strong with DYDX launching a Cosmos SDK chain and the arrival of native USDC.

The three-day conference is expected to see over 2000 attendees listening to various speakers, panels, and workshops focused on the recent Cosmos developments. The conference will also be opening its doors this year to other Layer 1 ecosystems to encourage and support a multichain future.

Headline speakers include: Ethan Buchmann, Co-Founder of Cosmos; Sunny Aggarwal, Co-Founder of Osmosis, the largest decentralised exchange in the Cosmos ecosystem; Jelena Djuric, Co-Founder Noble, the generic asset issuance chain for Cosmos; and Charles d’Haussy, CEO of the DYDX Foundation. This year will also see large tech enterprise players on stage, including Deutsche Telekom AG and Vodafone.

Cosmoverse will bring the developer community together for the first-ever Hackmos, a Cosmos hackathon hosted on October 6 – 7. Developers will collaborate on software innovations that will underpin the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Cosmoverse is the culmination of a host of community-building ATOMXYZ events worldwide in cities such as Berlin, Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, Bangalore, Puta Cana, Denver and Dubai. These gatherings have brought together the different Cosmos communities in the run-up to Cosmoverse.

Tickets will be sold for at most $99, making Cosmoverse one of the most inclusive events in the crypto space.

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