Crypto Models Align on Bitcoin Price Markers as Halving Nears While Meme Coin Traders Bet on This Crypto

Bitcoin briefly revisited the $38,000 level on Tuesday, a psychologically significant milestone. Leading crypto analyst CryptoCon sees deeper meaning in the date, calling it “the most important day of the year for Bitcoin.”

CryptoCon reminds his 65,000 followers that Bitcoin price cycles align with the seminal first halving event on November 28, 2012. “Green Accumulation Year is now over,” CryptoCon tweeted, referencing the fact that on his chart, accumulation ends in November this year. 

Several of CryptoCon’s predictions for the green year played out on schedule:

  • A price bottom within 21 days of November 28, 2022
  • The best buying opportunities of the 4-year cycle ✅
  • An initial peak around July 13, followed by retracement ✅
  • A return to the $34,500 median price of the previous $69k ATH ✅

Blue Year Signals Run Up to New Highs

With the green year in the rearview mirror, CryptoCon sees 2024’s “Blue Year” setting the stage for record prices in 2025. In his analysis, blue years feature rangebound consolidation near the median level, akin to 2015 and 2011, during their respective cycles.

CryptoCon notes blue years historically spawn an early top “+/- 21 days from July 9th.” In 2024, he envisions a peak of $42k – 48k, cementing the higher low before the next halving and ensuing bull run.

While expecting some early fireworks, CryptoCon stresses each cycle differs slightly. “We shouldn’t expect Bitcoin to do exactly as it did in 2015 – 2018… that would make it too easy.”

Nonetheless, he sees Bitcoin following a similar script of rising into December, followed by a sideways drift for much of 2024. An August bottom per the reference cycle precedes the next ascent.

Competing Model Aligns on Price Markers

The BitTime cycling model offers additional insights into potential Bitcoin price action, says CryptoCon. This framework closely tracked the 2015-2018 timeframe during Cycle 2. Despite anomaly Cycle 3 throwing predictions off, Cycle 4 realigned with Cycle 1 targets.

Significant BitTime dates matched actual Cycle 4 milestones to the month. Per this model, Bitcoin tends to follow previous market cycles but never identically.

Nonetheless, in Cycle 2, we witnessed rising prices in December 2015. BitTime suggests history may approximately repeat, with bullish momentum carrying into the end of 2023.

Each cycle also undergoes distribution phases after hitting interim tops. Cycle 4’s presumed peak last July now leads to consolidation lasting through summer 2024.

BitTime charts a probable local top in June 2024 at around $47,000. A correction finds support in August, allowing the next ascent heading into late 2025.

Prior cycles etched double peaks before concluding. However, BitTime calls for a singular all-time high print in December 2025, ranging from $90-130k. Strong network fundamentals favor the higher end near $130,000 per coin.

Meme Coin Traders Turn to Meme Kombat Presale

As veteran Bitcoin traders eye the 2024-2025 horizon, a new generation of meme coin speculators seek quicker wins. Meme coin traders now eye redemption through a new meme-based battle arena called Meme Kombat (MK).

Currently raising funds via presale, Meme Kombat lets popular dog-themed coins literally fight each other in AI-simulated matches. The decentralized oracle pits 10 combatants against each other across multiple tournaments to crown a “Meme Kombat Champion.”

The Meme Kombat project is currently raising funds through an ongoing presale of its MK token. As a testament to the buzz surrounding its gamified approach, Meme Kombat has already attracted over $2.2 million in presale contributions at the time of writing. The presale allocates 50% of the total supply to early backers who can benefit from discounts up to 23% below the final MK price.

Early backers have enthusiastically staked their asset holdings, with over $9.7 million MK tokens currently locked up. The smart contract pays a lucrative 404% APY to presale stakers, already distributing $1.5 million in yields.

Once launched, the ecosystem revolves around two gaming formats: Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Game (PvGame). Both modes involve MK token staking and wagering but work slightly differently.

In peer-to-peer clashes, human opponents stake tokens and battle each other directly, with the victor claiming the spoils. PvGame mode pits individuals against automated odds set by the protocol. Players gamble on match outcomes based on percentages that dictate upset possibilities.

Meme Kombat records all gaming results and bets on the public Ethereum blockchain. The transparent ledger ensures provably fair gameplay. Participants can analyze data to calibrate strategies and maximize returns.

Artificial intelligence and algorithms handle graphics rendering and fight choreography. Match decisions account for specific character attributes along with baked-in uncertainties.

Visit Meme Kombat (MK) Presale

As meme coins regain momentum, projects like Meme Kombat hope to capitalize on redemption-seeking enthusiasts. Thus far, its milestone-based roadmap and incentives schema show promise to capture interest. While Bitcoin consolidates ahead of its next halving, traders yearn for action.

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