Crypto news: Bitget and Chiliz collaborate to launch CHZ on the Chiliz Chain

Important news: Bitget, a well-known crypto exchange, will join the exciting upcoming launch of Chiliz (CHZ) on the Chiliz Chain, soon making Chiliz (CHZ) deposits available on the Chiliz blockchain. See all the details below. 

Bitget embraces the revolutionary Chiliz Chain with support for crypto CHZ 

As anticipated, Bitget, a leading crypto trading platform, is preparing to support the upcoming launch of Chiliz (CHZ) on the Chiliz Chain, a significant step toward expanding the CHZ ecosystem.

Bitget users will soon have the ability to deposit Chiliz (CHZ) directly on the Chiliz Chain, simplifying the cryptocurrency management process and providing greater accessibility to CHZ services.

In addition, Bitget is working to make Chiliz (CHZ) withdrawals available on the Chiliz Chain. This new feature will allow users to easily move their funds between the Bitget platform and the Chiliz Chain, providing greater flexibility and ease of use.

The addition of CHZ to the Chiliz Chain further strengthens Bitget’s position as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, able to adapt and support evolutions in the cryptocurrency industry. 

In addition, the integration of CHZ on the Chiliz Chain is a step forward in Bitget’s mission to offer its users access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and services, promoting the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies in the real world.

Chiliz revolutionizes the world of sports with the launch of the Chiliz Chain public mainnet

Chiliz, the leading blockchain provider in sports, recently marked a new beginning with the official launch of the Chiliz Chain public mainnet. 

This represents the starting point for the next phase of the company’s mission to improve interaction between fans, communities and their beloved sports teams and brands through blockchain technology.

Specifically, Chiliz Chain, an interoperable, EVM-compatible Layer-1 ecosystem, will introduce a system of eleven Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) node validators, including some leading names in the blockchain industry.

These validators will be responsible for validating transactions and creating a highly secure environment for authorized developers to build projects that will shape the future of web3 in sports. 

The first validators announced include Jump Crypto, Paribu, and Meria (formerly known as Just Mining), with more announcements to come.

In addition to offering lower fees and shorter block times, Chiliz’s PoSA blockchain model uses significantly less energy, contributing to the company’s sustainable development efforts.

All fees on Chiliz Chain will be paid using the native $CHZ token, which will play a key role within the ecosystem. 

The goal of Chiliz Chain is to become the one-stop shop for sports brands in the web3 world, opening doors to Chiliz’s vast sports network, including partners such as and other major sports and non-sports names. 

This will enable the exploration of new innovative ways to engage fans and communities through Fan Tokens and web3 technology.

In conclusion, constant innovation will drive the growth of Chiliz Chain, with the support of Chiliz Labs, a $50 million accelerator and incubator supported by Jump Crypto. 

This program will support sports-related blockchain projects in the early stages of development that wish to build on the Chiliz Chain.

Bitget is looking for new opportunities with Bitget Card and Web3 technology

Recently, Bitget also attended the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, confirming its expansion into the Middle East region. During the event, Bitget CEO Gracy Chen unveiled the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

Chief among them is the upcoming launch of the Bitget Card, a cryptocurrency-based premium credit card that will serve as a cryptocurrency payment solution. 

This card will allow users to easily convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat currency, making them spendable at any merchant that accepts traditional debit or credit cards. 

Integrated with the Bitget platform, the card will offer direct access to Bitget trading accounts and wallets, giving users greater control of resources. 

Promising ease of use, cash rewards on eligible purchases, and advanced security measures, Bitget expects this card to be accepted in 180 countries.

In addition, Bitget is exploring opportunities related to the synergy between Web3 and AI technologies. 

Not surprisingly, the exchange’s recent rebranding introduced AI-based tools, reflecting the new vision of providing more intuitive, secure, and efficient financial tools for the future. 

Gracy Chen highlighted the crucial role of artificial intelligence in Web 3.0 technology and emphasized the potential for collaboration with Telegram‘s vast user base of nearly 800 million monthly active users, opening up new prospects for Bitget in the crypto ecosystem.

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