Crypto Payments: Gaming Giant Roblox Responds To XRP Support News

The crypto industry has been subjected to false news yet again. Earlier this week, news broke that gaming giant Roblox has begun supporting XRP payments. However, the global gaming platform has publicly denied any claims that have made the rounds on social media.

Roblox Rebuts Fake XRP Payment Support Claims

Online gaming platform and gaming creation system, Roblox has denied all statements of supporting XRP payments or any other crypto-related payment method. A representative for the video game company reportedly told Decrypt that the information about integrating crypto payments was “inaccurate” and “simply false.”

The rumors started at the beginning of the week when Bitcoin payment service provider Bitpay, made a post on X (formerly Twitter) claiming that Xsolla, a video game company has started accepting cryptocurrency payments, among which was the XRP token. 

In the now-deleted post, Bitpay had tagged several gaming companies including Roblox and SMITE, which led to rumors spreading of the video game integrating the XRP payments method in its platform. 

BitPay has since retracted its announcement. However, the information had already spread across multiple networks and broadcasted on many news outlets. 

For now, the video game still maintains its primary payment methods which include debit and credit cards, as well as Roblox Gift cards. The popular gaming company has made it clear that it does not enable or accept any form of cryptocurrency payment methods including Bitcoin. 

A Rollercoaster Week Of Fake News in Crypto

At the start of the week, a relentless wave of fake news and misinformation has swept through the crypto industry. Most of this information has remained unverified and lacks credibility. 

A fake report was distributed in multiple publications this week about the approval of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Following the release of the news, Bitcoin saw an uptick indicating a price rally.

Although the SEC has debunked the claims and cautioned against unverified information, a pro-Ripple lawyer, John E. Deaton publicly disputed the SEC’s statement, urging people to only trust information from independent judges and not to consider the SEC as the best source of information about news regarding the regulatory body. 

“I disagree with the SECGov’s latest statement. The best source of information about the SEC is NOT the SEC,” Deaton stated.

He added that “we look to Judges who are independent and serve as oversight and a check on the SEC, to help shape our view of the SEC.”

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