Crypto tax: Bitget chooses Blockpit for tax reporting and launches campaign

And on the issue of crypto taxes, renowned trading platform Bitget chooses Blockpit as its partner to offer service on tax reporting. 

To celebrate the partnership, the crypto-exchange has launched a campaign for users full of discounts and rewards on Blockpit’s plans. 

Crypto tax: Bitget and Blockpit want to revolutionize cryptocurrency tax reporting

Bitget has announced a new partnership with cryptocurrency tax compliance and wallet monitoring company Blockpit. To celebrate this partnership, the platforms have launched a campaign full of discounts and rewards for new users

Basically, Bitget and Blockpit together want to revolutionize crypto trading and tax reporting by joining forces and succeeding as the winning combination. 

Specifically, Blockpit was founded by a team of experts in blockchain technology, taxation and finance, and offers a holistic approach to managing cryptocurrency portfolios while ensuring compliance with tax regulations in various jurisdictions.

For users who wish to take advantage of this new strategic partnership, Bitget has launched a campaign that will run from 14 to 31 October. Up for grabs is a 15% discount on Blockpit plans, $10,000 in prizes + BGB raffle + 10% discount on trading fees. 

Crypto tax: what are the benefits for users who choose the Bitget and Blockpit combination?

For all users who will want to access the signed Bitget and Blockpit service, there will be advantages that primarily concern tax reporting

In practice, it will be directly the users who will automatically generate accurate tax reports, saving time and reducing the risk of errors when it comes to declaring their cryptocurrency transactions.

Not only that, the two platforms together also offer users real-time wallet monitoring, enabling them to make informed trading decisions and manage their assets more effectively.

In this way, both Bitget and Blockpit will work together to ensure that users can easily comply with tax regulations in various jurisdictions. 

Also, as a goal there is also to improve the overall user experience by providing a one-stop solution for trading and tax management within Bitget’s platform.

The report on cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Recently, Bitget also released a report dedicated to cryptocurrency enthusiasts that aims to learn about their financial aspirations and investment behaviors

The crypto-exchange’s research was conducted from May to August 2023 and surveyed 1,500 people from several 20 countries. 

The results revealed that the most popular goals among crypto investors around the world are improving living standards and raising them in terms of quality of life.

Another result considered the gender impact of the sector, which saw female cryptocurrency investors from South Korea and Japan focus on personal finance, while males aim to improve family finance. 

Speaking of Turkey and the United States, it appears instead that for 27%, female crypto-investors tend to want to use the proceeds to fund their children’s education

In general, such a survey was carried out to enable the crypto-exchange to monitor changes in user behavior over time, so as to adapt its products to meet users’ different financial goals.

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