Daily Bitcoin Investors Are Up 40% In The Last 2 Years

Consistent, diligent Bitcoin (BTC) buyers who have stacked sats for two years have greatly outperformed investors in other asset classes – despite entering the crypto market at one of the worst possible times.

As of Thursday, dollar cost averaging Bitcoin since November 10, 2021, has put buyers 40% in the green.

Bitcoin DCA Is The Way

To dollar cost average (DCA) is to consistently buy Bitcoin in equal amounts of fiat currency at regular time intervals (daily, weekly, etc) irrespective of the asset’s price.

It’s a popular investment strategy for those wishing to ease the burden of timing a volatile market and intending to use BTC as a long-term savings vehicle.

According to Dylan LeClair – Market Intelligence Expert for UTXO Management – this strategy hasn’t been as profitable for TradFi investors. Diligent gold and SPX buyers have only profited 5% over the same period, while long-duration U.S. bondholders are down roughly 14% (excluding dividends).

November 10, 2021, was the day Bitcoin tapped its $69,000 all-time high. Over the next 12 months, rising interest rates and a cascade of contagious industry blowups drove its price down to $15,500 by November 2022.

Another year later, Bitcoin has returned to $36,000 per coin – up 119% for anyone who bought at the start of 2023. Buying during the lows has more than compensated DCA investors for their dramatic losses in the year prior.

Can DCA Ever Go Wrong?

When Bitcoin traded for $30,000 back in July, data from CryptoQuant showed that beginning a DCA strategy at almost any time would have left investors profitable, with the exception of those who began buying from June 2020 to September 2021.

As of today, LeClair’s data shows that this range of unprofitable entry points has shrunk even further. For example, those who began to DCA BTC at its previous $64,000 all-time high in April 2021 would still be up 27% today.

By comparison, Nasdaq investors would be up 13%, while gold buyers would be just 6% profitable. Bondholders would be even deeper in the red at -17%.

Finally, beginning one’s Bitcoin DCA on January 1, 2021, would place buyers 87% in profit. Bitcoin’s actual price has risen 400% since that time.


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